New Trail Cut Day in October

New Trail Cut Day
Come out to help!

When: October 24, 2020
Time: 8AM to 6PM (come/go as you need)
Lunch served.
Today’s worksite: Work Areas M

Planning to attend? Please fill out this form.  We are trying to get a head count to manage the work and obtain any supplies that may be necessary.

Through a Texas Parks and Wildlife Grant project, working as City of Bryan Volunteers, BVMBA is making some modifications to the Lake Bryan Trails.  Project details can be found here.  Volunteers must be signed up with the COB volunteer program before they can help with cutting trail.

What to bring:
Suitable clothing to work in the environment.  Personal Protective gear, such as gloves and eye protection, even a face mask if you work closely with someone.
You may bring your preferred tool of choice, BVMBA will have some extra tools on hand, such as loppers, or pruning saws.


Additional trail cut days you can join in on are on the club calendar.


BTU has closed the East Loop trails at Lake Bryan until further notice

They are doing some planned work on a sewer running along the bottom of the levee, which will take several months.

The West Loop is still open at the moment. We will post an update when we hear more.

It is very important that we respect BTU’s wishes and keep off the East Loop during this time! Please comply with all warning signs and trail closures.


The BVMBA Officers





You may have noticed BTU has been doing quite a bit of work on the levee slopes recently. This has resulted in the switchback climb on the East Loop trail being closed. This section of trail has been rerouted to run along the bottom of the levee. Please follow this trail rather than climbing the levee where the switchbacks used to be!

BTU has several ongoing projects that are going to affect the mountain bike trails at Lake Bryan. BVMBA are working with BTU to try to keep the trails open as much as possible during this process but there will be some disruption to trails. Early next year they will be installing a sanitary sewer along the bottom of the levee on the east side of the lake. During this time all the East Loop trails will be closed. When we allowed back on this side of the lake, a lot of work will be needed to reroute the trails before they can be ridden again.

In the near future several oil well pads will be installed around both sides of the lake. Unfortunately, while this going all the mountain bike trials will be closed. Once the oil wells have been installed we will be allowed access to the lake but again a lot of work will be needed to reroute the trails before they can be ridden.

During this process there are several ways in which you can help. Firstly, please respect any signs and fences put up by BTU limiting access to the trails. If mountain bikers are found to be ignoring these restrictions it will jeopardize our future access to the entire site! Secondly, a lot of work will be needed to get the trail open again, so please consider helping with efforts to build and maintain the trails. Many people use the trails but relatively few people help maintain them. Remember, no trails, no ride! Lastly, please consider joining BVMBA. It is really important that mountain bikers in the Brazos Valley are well represented and have a united voice at the moment.

Big Event 2013

The Big Event took place two weekends ago (23rd March). We had 9 club members, 3 trail running students, and 12 Big Events volunteers from the student chapter of the Texas Trophy Hunters turn up on a cold Saturday morning at the lake. We all worked hard on rerouting sections of the West Loop so that we can get this side open again. There was some tough brush to clear and lots and lots of stumps to dig out, but the volunteers did an awesome job and we cut some long sections of new trail! There is still much that needs to be done though.


The West Loop is still closed for riding so please do not trespass on this side of the Lake!!

We are working on reopening this side of the lake but have to reroute several miles of trail before it is rideable. The trail is being rerouted so that it does not go on any section of the slope of the levee. This is going to take some time but we are working on it. We can always use some extra help on trail maintenance days! In the mean time please do not jeopardize our access to lake by riding the West Loop!! The good news is that the East Loop is open and the trails are riding really well:)

Trail Maintenance – December

In attendance: Mikey, Kim T, Justin F, Kerry S, Christopher A.

Student volunteers: Jake S, Murray (Reis) L, Ryan O

First…. It was crazy calm out at the lake this morning.

Justin F, Kim T and Kerry S took a bit of paint out to the trails. Justin had primed our trail marker signs Friday afternoon so this morning they were ready for their yellow base coat. Next round we will be filling in the letters with either blue or black paint.

Kim T had a slight accident and now… there is a nice yellow stripe on the cement decent…Oops?    It is pretty.

Mikey went and built us a map holder at the teeter totter to help with wayfinding. We’ll get the map printed this week hopefully and have it installed soon! Sorry I didn’t snap a photo of that, Mikey… it looks really good!)

Christopher took the students into the woods with loppers for some trimming.

On returning to the car park, we found a group from Houston including our buddy Mike S.

Kim T latched on a small group and led them around the trails while Joel rode with another of their guys. Always great to see some fresh faces out at the trails!

Until next time!!

September Trail Maintenance

Great thanks this month to:

James “the maintenance machine” Munnerlyn, and Jason “the brave guy who got paired up with ‘the maintenance machine'” Foster who spent from 8 a.m.-1 p.m. Saturday morning working. Mikey, Joel, Kim, Ali, and Christopher.

The directives this month were to “CLEAR ALL POTENTIAL DEADFALL!” from rollercoaster, wild flower and Munnerlyn. Let me tell you folks, there was a Lot of potential deadfall and a lot of trimming to be had.

Enjoy the clear trails everyone! Watch out for that sand!!!

A before and after of a corner in Rollercoaster

August Trail Maintenance

Thanks everyone who came out today: James, Mike, Ali, Jonathan, Kim, Chris and Kerry. We covered a lot of ground breaking up into 3 small groups and trimming, trimming, trimming. Game trail, Sunset strip and skinny dip were all tackled with a bit of mowing (scissoring?) done and some serious tree trimming. This week’s time trial times should be faster than ever!

Enjoy the trails everyone, we’ll see you soon!

Donuts fueled this morning's maintenance - this is what is left after Mikey takes his turn. He is president, he is allowed.


Note: the donuts are given a seat in the air conditioning, but Chris, Kerry and Jonathan are not.... priorities people!

Good work, Ali!

Sunset Strip = clear and fast again!

Trail ninjas!

Ali and Kim enjoy a post-work nap... while Kerry keeps her eyes peeled for the boys ....

Where are the boys anyway??

Finally! 😉

Meeting Minutes – August

James Munnerlyn gave us a good recap from the camping trip last weekend. Thanks James!

Trail maintenance will be this coming Saturday at 8 a.m..

BTU mowed the levee finally, so you don’t have to ride through tunnels of tall grass, but it does mean the trail is covered in dead grass. We will put a couple people on rake duty to clear the trails off.

Sunset strip needs mowed.

Blair Witch is a bit overgrown in parts.

Justin F is trying to figure out a way to carry some paint on the trails to freshen up the original signs.

Check out Camp Eagle Classic Mt Bike Festival over labor day weekend for a good time! As usual, email the group or comment here if you’re interested in attending and looking for someone to carpool/camp with!

There is a group of us going to Rocky Hill Ranch Sunday morning – Meeting location (and exact time) will be determined by who all is planning to go/drive. Email the group or leave a comment here if you are interested.

The trails on the left side of Lake Bryan are OFF LIMITS for the next SIX WEEKS!! Work is being done on the levee and we have been asked to keep off the trails on that side during this time. Please be courteous to the requests of BTU and stay off the trails over there.