You may have noticed BTU has been doing quite a bit of work on the levee slopes recently. This has resulted in the switchback climb on the East Loop trail being closed. This section of trail has been rerouted to run along the bottom of the levee. Please follow this trail rather than climbing the levee where the switchbacks used to be!

BTU has several ongoing projects that are going to affect the mountain bike trails at Lake Bryan. BVMBA are working with BTU to try to keep the trails open as much as possible during this process but there will be some disruption to trails. Early next year they will be installing a sanitary sewer along the bottom of the levee on the east side of the lake. During this time all the East Loop trails will be closed. When we allowed back on this side of the lake, a lot of work will be needed to reroute the trails before they can be ridden again.

In the near future several oil well pads will be installed around both sides of the lake. Unfortunately, while this going all the mountain bike trials will be closed. Once the oil wells have been installed we will be allowed access to the lake but again a lot of work will be needed to reroute the trails before they can be ridden.

During this process there are several ways in which you can help. Firstly, please respect any signs and fences put up by BTU limiting access to the trails. If mountain bikers are found to be ignoring these restrictions it will jeopardize our future access to the entire site! Secondly, a lot of work will be needed to get the trail open again, so please consider helping with efforts to build and maintain the trails. Many people use the trails but relatively few people help maintain them. Remember, no trails, no ride! Lastly, please consider joining BVMBA. It is really important that mountain bikers in the Brazos Valley are well represented and have a united voice at the moment.