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BVMBA is a 501(c)(4) non-profit riders group located in the College Station/Bryan, Texas area. The club is a group of mountain bike enthusiasts, from the casual rider to the expert racer, that promotes safe and responsible participation in off-road biking. The BVMBA is dedicated to assisting and educating all individuals in the sport of mountain biking. The club offers monthly meetings, group rides, time trials, and other mountain bike related events. We are responsible for building and maintaining the trail systems at Lake Bryan and the Millican Reserve.



  • Access to the private trails at Millican Reserve (18+ miles of trails)
  • Discounted annual pass for Lake Bryan (14+ miles of trails)
  • Discounts at local bike shops
  • BVMBA email list (click here to request access)
  • Opportunity to build and ride trails with great people!


Dues for new members are $30 per year, prorated, and cover an individual and their immediate family. Renewals are $75 per year, discounted by $5 for each service hour completed during the prior year.

JOIN IN: Feb-Apr May-Jul Aug-Oct Nov-Jan
DUES: $30.00 $22.50 $15.00 $7.50
SERVICE: 9 hours 6 hours 3 hours 0 hours


The BVMBA membership form & waiver and the Millican Reserve waiver* are available online and at all club events. Print and complete the forms, then:

  • give them to the club secretary at the next club meeting, ride, or event
  • mail them to BVMBA, P. O. Box 9603, College Station, TX 77842
  • scan or take a picture of the forms and email them to BVMBAinfo@gmail.com

You will receive a confirmation email when we have your membership form, waivers, and payment.

* IMPORTANT: For riding at Millican Reserve each rider must have a completed, signed waiver on file with the Reserve or an affiliate before riding. This is different from the waiver included in the BVMBA membership form.


Payments may be made with PayPal, and personal checks should be made payable to BVMBA.  Annual dues, covering Feb 1 through Jan 31, are $30 for new members or for renewing members with 9 service hours.

New BVMBA Membership

Renewal with Service Hour Discount



To make a financial contribution via PayPal, click the donate button. Donations are used to fund trail maintenance. BVMBA is a 501(c)(4) non-profit, so donations are not tax deductible.

To make a one-time physical donation (equipment, supplies, raffle prizes, etc.), please email us to set up a collection time.

Club Officers, 2019-2020

  • James Munnerlyn, President
  • Joel Reyes, Vice-President
  • Mike Record, Secretary
  • Gina Hokanson, Treasurer

Questions or comments? Please email us at BVMBAinfo@gmail.com.

Recent Posts

2018 Summer Time Trials are complete!

2018 Summer Time Trials are complete! Take a look at the final overall standings and the results of each ride.

Out of the 13 races there was only one that was rained out so that’s a success in and of itself. But by the last couple of TT’s most were hoping for some precipitation to help get rid of the sand and maybe the heat.

After the TT we held the awards ceremony under the trees of Lake Bryan. Joel came out and served up hamburgers, hot dogs, and watermelon. Joe provided the participation awards, some for “special” categories. The top male and female in a few different categories received gift cards from various businesses in town. All had a good time.

Scoring was based on the following:

  • 10 points for starting a TT
  • 10 points for finishing a TT
  • 10 points for each 1% improvement
  • Points for top 10 finish in each category:  30 for first, 20 for second, 15 for third, 12 for fourth, 10 for fifth, 8 for sixth, 6 for seventh, 4 for eighth, 2 for ninth, 1 for tenth.

A rider needed to ride a minimum for 4 TT’s to be eligible for an award.  The categories and winners:


Rider with the highest score based on the above.
Will Defliese with a score of 392

Fastest Lap

Rider that turned in the fastest lap; different course distances were taken into account.
Jason Berardinelli with 12.49 mph (28:09 for No Rat Vortex). Though Jakub Valigura turned in a blistering time of 27:06 and 13.51 mph for Rat Vortex for the last TT, he was not eligible for an award since he only rode one TT.

Most Improved

Riders that had the largest improvement over the series; different course distances were taken into account.

Male – Jonathan Lidbury with a 15.37% improvement
Female – Astrid Layton with a 7.04% improvement.

Long Course – No Rat Vortex – Most Points

Male – Will Defliese
Female – Ivy Chen

Long Course – Including Rat Vortex – Most Points

Male – Allen Narita
Female – Beth Boudreau (only rode twice so was not eligible for an award)

Short Course – Most Points

Male – Nathanael Tremblay
Female – Astrid Layton

Thanks to all who came out and rode and also a thanks to all the ones behind the scenes to make this a success:  Joe Tremblay, Joel Reyes, Gina Hokanson, Paulo Silva, and a special thanks to Andrew Dobson and Daniel Ioerger from Aggieland Cycling for doing the timing.  We also want to thank BTU for allowing us to hold the TT’s on their property.

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