Trail Maintenance – July

This Saturday’s trail maintenance saw a serious trail maintenance crew out at Lake Bryan including Mike, Joel, James, Jonathan, John F, Frank, Gina, Ali, and Kim.

Rat Maze and Game Trail were both trimmed. Please enjoy the reduced amount of ducking that you will have to do as you cruise these sections. Zoom zoom!

There was also a tree that was down at the beginning of the West loop, blocking the trail, that was taken care of.

See you Tuesday at the Social Ride! 6:30 p.m.


Levee work followup #2

Our BTU liaison call me back (very prompt!)  The work will start on Tuesday and will be done on Thursday.  THE EAST LOOP IS TO BE CLOSED TUESDAY THRU THURSDAY.  THE WEST LOOP IS TO REMIAN OPEN.  The equipment doing this work throws wood chunks everywhere.  On Friday, the trails will be open again.  You may have to hike a bike at a few locations.  The contractor is aware of the trails and will try to keep the entrances open  The new non-BVMBA cut trail across from BMX will be taken out.  I have questions about all of this, but just have to see what really happens on the ground, vs planned.  Point is that they are aware of the trails and have some level of sensitivity towards them.

Now…  Phase II is in design.  This is the actual reinforcement of the levee.  He does not know what this work entails.  When the design works gets further along, we will meet with them on site to see what the impact will be.  The switchbacks may  remain!

Mike Record, Pres.


Levee work follow up #1

I have contacted BTU this morning.  I do not have a full picture of the work that will be done, but here is what I found out.

The levee will be reinforced as a result of the survey that was done.  This is an emergency response.  There are 12 points that will be worked on.  8 on East side and 4 on West side. The reinforced area will be 30′ wide.  That is all that I know from BTU.  Our contact with BTU was told this only last Thursday.  He is scrambling to find out additional information and will let me know.
I have asked for a drawing that will show where the work will occur so that we can overlay it with the trail map.  That will let us know how much of the trails will be destroyed and also help us determine a temporary re-route to keep the trails open.
Stand by.  More to follow.
Mike Record, Pres.

Levee work

We have received word that some work may be done on the levees, possibly starting this week. This may or may not impact the trails. We are trying to get more information, and will pass on whatever news we get as soon as we get it. Stay tuned!

Big Event wrapup

Big Event happened this weekend – thanks to the Masters of Real Estate, 3 trail runner class participants, one mountain bike class participant, and one volunteer (sorry, I don’t have the list for the names), as well as Barry, James, Christopher, Kerry, Gina, Brad and Will, Colin and Dina, Ali, and Mike for coming out and putting muscle to the trail! We fixed the Munnerlyn uphill, the Game Trail downhill, and moved a bridge. The trails were still under standing water yesterday, so please stay off of them a bit longer. Hopefully we can check them out before the social ride on Tuesday.


Big Event

The Big Event is this Saturday.  Students from TAMU are giving back to the community (thank you very much!)  We are planning on working on Game Trail.  It was damaged by the rain from 4-5 weeks ago.  Wonder how it survived last week and this weeks rain!  We will also have a few other projects to work on.  If you want to “give back” to the trails, come join us.  We are meeting at the boat ramp parking lot at 10:00.  We will work for 4-5 hours.

March Meeting Minutes

Camping trip

The club is planning a trip to the Colorado Bend State park trails on April 22, Earth Day. It looks to be about a 3.5hour drive, we’ll find a place to camp, hang out, ride ride ride! More detailed planning and coordination will likely happen at the next meeting.

Saturday Trail Maintenance

There are 5 “No Tresspassing” signs that BTU has given us to put up. A few people will follow Mikey around to figure out where those will go.

James’ new trail needs a bridge moved into place. The bridge itself may or may not need some work.

There is a lot of erosion on the doubletrack that runs along the powerline just before Hematoma Hill (Game Trail). It is getting dangerous through there so be on your toes if/when riding that section. If there is time and enough people, we will work on that.

Another priority item for trail maintenance will be the jump that has been built at the very beginning of the East loop. There are some pointy and dangerous tree stumps sticking out on the other side of the jump that could cause some pretty serious injury if a rider rolls over the “jump” without knowing. These need to be taken care of.

The Big Event

BMX trail has been marked to cut. This is the plan for The Big Event!

Volunteers for Bike Rodeo

April 14 – St. Josephs is putting on a bike rodeo for kids in the new E.R.’s parking lot.

May 5 – The city of College Station will be putting on a bike rodeo.

Each of these events will be looking for volunteers to help make sure that bikes are ready and that the kids all stay safe!

Bike Maintenance Clinic

Kenneth Petereit is putting on a 3-part Bicycle Mechanic clinic.

“This is an 8-hour bicycle mechanic course of instruction that will walk the student through maintenance and repair of mountain bike drive trains and derailleur systems. This is the first of a three-part series. Bicycle Mechanic II will follow soon after, and will cover brake systems and tires/tubes. Bicycle Mechanic III will wrap up the series before the end of the year, and will cover the bearings throughout the bike and wheel truing. Each class is a stand-alone course available to people with basic bicycle maintenance experiences.”

Report back from the Desert Fest

The desert fest sounds like it was quite the adventure. Read the full report here. Otherwise, everyone got sick from one another…

Time Trials help fund the A&MCHS

Our time trials aren’t an entirely selfish endeavor of individuals trying to race the clock. The money raised from each Thursday night TT goes straight to the A&M Consolidated High School mountain bike team. BVMBA is a very proud sponsor of this team and has been thoroughly impressed with the growth that has been seen in each rider. We can’t hardly wait to see how they do at their first race THIS WEEKEND up at Reveille Peak Ranch.

On that note, the Texas High School Mountain Bike League has 3 more races they will be hosting. Two of which are within BVMBA striking distance. One is at Waco and another at Warda. If you would be interested in helping be a course marshal or setting up the course… Email the group list, comment on this post, or wait for John Flynn to post an update on how to volunteer.

Trail Maintenance Grants

Ali has been hard at work researching possible IMBA grants to help fund our trail marking endeavors. Deadlines for this year however have not been posted, but it is certainly in the works.


17 In attendance:

Emily C, Travis P, Gina H, Mike R, Kerry S, Chris, Justin F, Joel R, Gary S, James M, Barry B, Katelyn I, Nick K, Ali, Kim T, Jonathan, John F

Trails Open – mostly

Hi folks,

A few of us rode the trails Sunday and the trails are mostly good to go. There are a few areas that are still soggy, please walk your bike through these instead of creating more/worse ruts. If we want those parts to dry out, we have to keep our bikes off of them.

Also, the storms have created some very interesting new ruts/holes in/on parts of the trail. You may be picking some new lines in a few spots!

Wet trails

Kim, Ben, Jared, Luda and I did a little trail reconnaissance this evening… and I’m sorry to report that the trails are probably still too wet for heavy traffic. 

Jared said that about 50% of Munnerlyn was wet; Kim and I estimated 10-20% of Roller Coaster/Wildflower Alley was unridable. The parts of the trail that aren’t mucky are wet but solid; we didn’t slip as we were walking, but we could imagine tyres slipping out in some spots. The erosion on Wildflower Alley was a little surprising; that trail had a heck of a lot of water run down it at some point.


Trail Maintenance – February 2012

We had a good crew show up for trail maintenance in February – Mike R, Gina H, Ali W, Kim T, JP, Karl K, John F, Boone F, Jonathan (officially a new member, whoop!), James M, and Rebecca C. The main focus was to tackle the damage caused by the 5-6 inches of rain we got last Friday night. Fueled with some freshly brewed What’s the Buzz Coffee, we bundled up, grabbed some tools, split into 2 groups, and headed out.

Task 1: assess the Killer Rogue Jump installed by Someone Unknown at Rock Garden… as Mike pointed out in a previous post, good intentions, but bad execution. The sharp points of the tree trunk remnants are begging to impale someone. Mike had blocked off the route, and the consensus was to leave the blockage as is.

Task 2: find and reset the bollards serving as a bridge in Rock Garden.

Task 3: Fix, reinstall, and when necessary, find bridges in Munnerlyn. In quick order, Munnerlyn Bridge was found, repaired, and reinstalled; a missing bridge was found 1/4mi down the creek and toted back to its original position; bollards supporting a third bridge were dug in and reset; debris under several bridges was removed; a new route was cleared leading up to John’s Pointy Bridge; and general trail clearing was done.

Vid of the new trail


Task 4: Clear the gravel that had washed down Turbo Road to the First of Three Bridges in Rat Maze. A banked turn leading up to the bridge has been created from the gravel – this will be interesting: remember, it’s gravel!

Task 5: Fill in some of the gully at the far side of the Third of Three Bridges in Rat Maze – this was a Mike special; the rest of us didn’t get that far 😉