Trail Maintenance – December

In attendance: Mikey, Kim T, Justin F, Kerry S, Christopher A.

Student volunteers: Jake S, Murray (Reis) L, Ryan O

First…. It was crazy calm out at the lake this morning.

Justin F, Kim T and Kerry S took a bit of paint out to the trails. Justin had primed our trail marker signs Friday afternoon so this morning they were ready for their yellow base coat. Next round we will be filling in the letters with either blue or black paint.

Kim T had a slight accident and now… there is a nice yellow stripe on the cement decent…Oops?    It is pretty.

Mikey went and built us a map holder at the teeter totter to help with wayfinding. We’ll get the map printed this week hopefully and have it installed soon! Sorry I didn’t snap a photo of that, Mikey… it looks really good!)

Christopher took the students into the woods with loppers for some trimming.

On returning to the car park, we found a group from Houston including our buddy Mike S.

Kim T latched on a small group and led them around the trails while Joel rode with another of their guys. Always great to see some fresh faces out at the trails!

Until next time!!

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