New Trail Cut Day in October

New Trail Cut Day
Come out to help!

When: October 24, 2020
Time: 8AM to 6PM (come/go as you need)
Lunch served.
Today’s worksite: Work Areas M

Planning to attend? Please fill out this form.  We are trying to get a head count to manage the work and obtain any supplies that may be necessary.

Through a Texas Parks and Wildlife Grant project, working as City of Bryan Volunteers, BVMBA is making some modifications to the Lake Bryan Trails.  Project details can be found here.  Volunteers must be signed up with the COB volunteer program before they can help with cutting trail.

What to bring:
Suitable clothing to work in the environment.  Personal Protective gear, such as gloves and eye protection, even a face mask if you work closely with someone.
You may bring your preferred tool of choice, BVMBA will have some extra tools on hand, such as loppers, or pruning saws.


Additional trail cut days you can join in on are on the club calendar.