Meeting minutes December 1st

Attendees: Kerry, Chris, Gina, Amy, Rachel, Beth, Luke, John, Mike, Justin, Jason, Travis, James, Collin, Dana, Joel, Jonathan, Victor, Fred, Manny, Ryan

  • Trail Maintenance switched to Lake Bryan. Starts at 9am this Saturday (12/6) near the boat ramp.
  • Collin and Kerry presented their Colorado trip plans for Sept 2014. All are welcome to join some or all of the trip. Need advanced (April, I think) notice so a house can be rented. Contact Collin Clark for more details.
  • We will work to amend the bylaws to allow TAMU Mt. Bike team and other group to be affiliated members so they can ride at Millican. Beth will work on first draft.
  • Voted to donate $500 to the high school mt. bike team.
  • Jonathan gave a brief report on the club finances.
  • New officers were elected
    Luke – President
    Beth – Vice President
    Amy – Secretary
  • Weekly Rides
    6:30 Tuesday – Social at Millican
    6:30 Wednesday – Social at Lake Bryan
    6:30 Thursday – Time trials at Millican
  • James and Beth rode at the cranksgiving event
  • Victor rode the Reveille Peak 100k race and placed 3rd overall
  • Rachel is moving away next month 🙁
  • Christmas light bike ride December 11. Unfortunately, the same night as time trials.

Meeting minutes, 3 Nov 2014

Attendees: Jonathan, Carolyn, Victor, Luke, Jill, Gina, Beth, Fred, James, Jason, Mike Millican Reserve: There will be hunting at Millican Reserve in coming months. Do not go past phase 4 and further into the reserve. There were some trespassers on dirt bikes found on the property last night and they claimed to be from BVMBA. They were not members. As a reminder no motorized vehicles are allowed on the property and everyone riding must have signed a waiver and be a BVMBA member. Social Rides: Social rides will be moved back to 6.30 pm. Tuesdays we will ride at Millican, Wednesdays at Lake Bryan and Thursdays will be time trials at Millican. We are having some problems with the Yahoo Group calendar at the moment so it will not be updated right away. TAMU cycling team and Roadrunners have approached the Millican Reserve to use the trails system. We will coordinate with them and The Millican Reserve in the future. Club members expressed the wish that other partner organizations who use the trails are involved in trail maintenance. Time trials: Weather permitting winter time trails will start this Thursday (6th November) at 6.30pm possibly with a preride. They will be held at Millican. Joel has a course planned but timers are needed. The summer TT awards will take place after the TT this week. Members are encouraged to bring some food to share. Trail Maintenance: We will work at Lake Bryan starting at 9am working on the reroute, Game Trail, and Ratmaze. Holiday Lights Ride: This ride will take place on Monday 15th December. Further details will be announced shortly. Millican Reserve Pumpkin Palouza: several club members attended this event and represented the club. Four new families joined the club. We discussed the need for a BVMA banner at future events. BVMBA Officer Nominations: Luke was nominated for President, Beth for VP, and Amy for treasurer. Elections will take place at the next meeting.

Meeting minutes 6th October

Attendees: Victor, Manny, Mike, Gina, Travis, Jonathan, Chris, Christy, James, Beth

Trail maintenance: Trail maintenance will take place on Saturday 12th October at the Millican Reserve starting at 8 am. We will be hanging signs and doing some general trimming.

Camping trips: Dinosaur Valley SP, October 17th to 19th and Colorado Bend SP on the weekend of November 22nd. Thanks to Gina for organizing these trips.

Millican Reserve: Victor, Patrick, and Ali represented the club at the Farmer’s Market last month and several people expressed interest in joining the club. The will be a planning meeting 9-11 am on October 22nd. The Pumpkin Palouza will be on October 26th we are seeking volunteers to help lead rides and man our both.

Facebook page: the BVMBA FB page needs updating. Members are encouraged to post on this page.

Time trial series series: Last month we finished a very successful series of TTs at the Millican Reserve. We raised $108.00 for the High School MTB team. The TT awards ceremony will be next month.

We approved a motion to offer honorary membership for the employees of bike shops who give us a discount. This would allow them to ride at Millican, as long as they have signed a waiver.

Meeting minutes 1st September 2014


Trail maintenance-Trail maintenance will take place at Saturday the 6th September at Lake Bryan. We will start at 8am. We will focus on the East Loop. There are some downed trees that need a chainsaw. Some local Boy Scouts will join us.

Social rides- Social rides will be moved to 6.00 pm. We will ride at Millican on Tuesday nights and Lake Bryan on Thursdays.

Camping trips- Gina is organizing dates for two weekend camping trip this Fall. We will go to Dinosaur Valley on the weekend of the 17th to 19th October. We will go to Colorado Bend SP on either the weekend of the 15th or 22nd November.

Millican Reserve- Club members will meet with our friends from the Millican Reserve and representatives from local running groups in the next month or so. We discuss shared use of the trail system.

Summer time trial series- We have just finished a highly successful time trial series. We had record turnouts and lots of fun. Thanks so much for timing Joel.

Expenditure- A motion to reimburse James $259.73 for repairs and new blades for his brush tractor was approved. This brush tractor is used extensively for building and maintaining trails.

Meeting minutes 4th August 2014

Trail maintenance will be at Lake Bryan at 8am.  We will work on Munnerlyn Loop, Loop de Loop, and Octopus.

Fall camping trips were discussed.  Gina has a list of top candidates that have available weekends. We will working on setting up a poll to determine where & when we’d like to go.

Some members will be entering the 2nd blazing saddles race towards the end of August.

We discussed prolonging the time trials to get a couple more runs in.

Meeting minutes 7th July 2014

Travis, Jonathan, Jason, Collin, Dana, Rachel, Gina, Victor, Greg, JP, Mike, Heath

Trail maintenance
The new signs for Millican have been printed and the plan is to have them cut so they are ready to be placed.

We will have trail maintenance on Saturday the 12th July at the Millican Reserve. We will start at 8am.

Time trials
Time trials will continue to be on Thursdays at the Millican Reserve. They start at 6.30pm.

Millican Reserve
The trail committee met with Johnny and Chad from the Millican Reserve and discussed use of the trail system there. We offered to share the trails that we have cut with trail runners. They will discuss whether this is the best option or whether they should build there own trails. One advantage of shared trails would be that trail maintenance could also be shared. We will meet with a representative from the trail runners at a future date.

Camping trips
Gina brought up the possibility of organizing a Fall camping trip. The possible venues are Reveille Peak Ranch, Dinosaur Valley, and Colorado bend DP.

Upcoming races
There will be a Blazing Saddles 6 hour race on August 17th at Rocky Hill Ranch.

Meeting Minutes May 2014

Social Rides location and time change!
– Tuesday @ 6:30 @ Millican
– Wednesday @ 6:30 @ Lake Bryan (West Loop)

Summer Time Trials are beginning!
– Thursday @ 6:30 @ Millican
– These time trials are being held as a fundraiser for the high school mountain bike team. So donate some cash to benefit the kids and help them get to races! Donation amount is up to you!
– Some high school riders will be joining us for the time trial series.
– We will start at the first cattle guard, ride phase 1 & phase 2, and then haul butt on the road the whole way back to the cattle guard.
– If you don’t know the route come out tomorrow night for the Millican social ride and people can show you the way.

These changes start this week and these rides will be every week, so you will have at least 3 options to ride every week.

Trail Maintenance Time Change!
– Trail maintenance will now start at 8 a.m. to beat the summer heat from now on
– Trail maintenance will be held at LAKE BRYAN this month to work on West Loop

Other updates:
– Arrow signs for Millican reserve are printed
– High school mountain bike championships were held this weekend, and the boys and girls had their best race of the season. Good job coaches!
– Boy Scouts will be joining for trail maintenance this weekend
– We have an updated Millican Reserve waiver forms list, so if you haven’t already, please get a waiver signed and turned into one of the officers.
– The camping trip for this weekend at Cedar Hill / Big Cedar was a blast
– Day trip is being contemplated for Dana Peak and possibly a camping trip to Comfort.
– We forgot to take attendance this evening, but had about 12-13 people attend.

Meeting minutes, 7 April 2014

Attendees- Jonathan, Nick, Emily, Amy, Gina, Jason, Justin, Rachel, Don, Travis, Manny, JP, Collin, JP, Dana, James, Victor, Ali, Daniel, Nicholas

Trail maintenance- We will meet for trail maintenance at 9am on Saturday 12th, April at the Millican Reserve.

Millican Reserve- We can now do night rides at the Millican Reserve. Also, they are working on approving a format for signs.

Upcoming Events- KAGS NBC will be filming us ride on Tuesday 7 April at 4.30pm at the Millican Reserve.

Millican Reserve have organized a photographer to take pictures of us riding on Thursday and Friday evening (9th and 10th April).

A Millican Reserve Farmers Market will take place on Sunday the 27th April. We will have a booth and lead some rides.

Social Rides- We will continue to ride Lake Bryan at 6pm on a Tuesdays and Millican at the same time on a Wednesday. Members are advised to check the listserv before rides in case of venue changes.

Meeting minutes February 2014


Victor, Travis, Kerry, Chris, John, Gina, Jonathan, Justin, Joe, Mike, James, Jeff, Katie

Millican Reserve

Justin and Victor met with Johnny from the Millican Reserve. They reminded us that riding there is strictly limited to BVMBA members who have signed a waiver. The Millican Reserve will not allow non-BVMBA members to ride there. The club has cut around 7.3 miles of trails and James is planning more. During the meeting various ways to identify members such as membership cards were discussed. They also wanted to make sure that we know that before trails are cut we need their approval. They would like to liaise with horse riders who also use the trials. The need for trailhead signs saying that non-members cannot ride was also discussed. There have been problems with cows encroaching on the trails. The plan is for the cows to be moved to other area of the Reserve. They are now open to the idea of night riding but we need to check with them regarding which times we can ride.

There will be a Farmer’s Market on the 16th February and a Mud Run on the 22nd February.

Trail maintenance

We will meet at the Millican Reserve on Saturday 8th February at 9 am by the horse arena.

Dirty Dozen

Several teams from the BVMBA raced at the Dirty Dozen 12 hour Race last weekend. There was not too much rain and everyone had a great time. Kim and Ali raced in the 2-person open men’s laps as there were no women’s teams for them to compete with. The put in a very impressive 16 laps. Joel raced solo and had to stop early due to a knee injury put in a creditable 5 laps. Justin, Collin, and Travis raced as a 3-person team and did 14 laps.

Lajitas Desert Festival

The Lajitas Desert Festival is coming up in just over a week. Several club members will be attending. This event is super fun and is highly recommended!!

Meeting Minutes January 2014


Victor, Jason, James, Joel, Jonathan, Justin, Mike, Travis


Club members have cut five miles of trail at the Millican Reserve this Christmas. More trails have been tagged. This site is only open to BVMBA members and the High School Race Team at the moment. Methods for identifying club members, their cars and their bikes were discussed. All people riding or cutting trails must have filled out a waiver form. Club members must also stick to the designated areas of the property.

Trail maintenance

Trail maintenance will take place at Lake Bryan on Saturday 11th January starting at 9am rather than 8am. We will work on clearing a time trial loop on the East Loop.

2013 Finances

A report on the club finances was presented.

Winter Time Trial

We will start these on Thursday 17th January at Lake Bryan. The course is to be determined but they will start at 6.30pm.


Several club members will be travelling to the Lajitas Desert Festival on 13th to 15th February. More details to follow.

Dirty Dozen

Several teams and solo riders will represent BVMBA at the Dirty Dozen 12 hour race on Saturday 1st February. A day trip to Bluff Creek Ranch, Warda will be planned for the Saturday before the race.