Trail Maintenance – February 2012

We had a good crew show up for trail maintenance in February – Mike R, Gina H, Ali W, Kim T, JP, Karl K, John F, Boone F, Jonathan (officially a new member, whoop!), James M, and Rebecca C. The main focus was to tackle the damage caused by the 5-6 inches of rain we got last Friday night. Fueled with some freshly brewed What’s the Buzz Coffee, we bundled up, grabbed some tools, split into 2 groups, and headed out.

Task 1: assess the Killer Rogue Jump installed by Someone Unknown at Rock Garden… as Mike pointed out in a previous post, good intentions, but bad execution. The sharp points of the tree trunk remnants are begging to impale someone. Mike had blocked off the route, and the consensus was to leave the blockage as is.

Task 2: find and reset the bollards serving as a bridge in Rock Garden.

Task 3: Fix, reinstall, and when necessary, find bridges in Munnerlyn. In quick order, Munnerlyn Bridge was found, repaired, and reinstalled; a missing bridge was found 1/4mi down the creek and toted back to its original position; bollards supporting a third bridge were dug in and reset; debris under several bridges was removed; a new route was cleared leading up to John’s Pointy Bridge; and general trail clearing was done.

Vid of the new trail


Task 4: Clear the gravel that had washed down Turbo Road to the First of Three Bridges in Rat Maze. A banked turn leading up to the bridge has been created from the gravel – this will be interesting: remember, it’s gravel!

Task 5: Fill in some of the gully at the far side of the Third of Three Bridges in Rat Maze – this was a Mike special; the rest of us didn’t get that far 😉


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