Meeting Minutes October 2013


Victor, Justin, Gabriel, Travis, Mike, Jason, Jonathan, Katie, Jeff, John, Cade, Graeme

BTU Levee Work

BTU has started to work on the East Loop levee and have leveled the switchbacks and several other sections of trail. There are also several new gates across the top of the levee. The officers are trying to arrange a meeting with BTU to discuss the changes to the trail system. The trails on the East Side of the lake will need some major rerouting this year. Plans for this have been made and trails are being cut.

Trail Maintenance

We will meet at 8am on Saturday the 12th The main priority is to reroute the section of the trail coming to bypass the switchbacks. James has already cut several sections of trail and it may be possible to finish the new sections this weekend. There are also several areas where deadfall needs to be cleared; these include New Cut, the West Loop before Little Warda, Munnerlyn Loop, and the Octopus.


Victor and Nick came 2nd and 3rd place, respectively in the National Triathlon Championships. Both have been selected for the World Triathlon Championships next year!!

Officer Nominations

Officer nominations will be discussed at next month’s meeting.

Camping Trips

The will be a club camping trip to Cedar Hills SP, near DFW SP between 1st and 3rd November.


JP, Travis, Mike, Jason, Jonathan all went to Dana Peak SP recently for a day trip and had a great time.


Victor will be racing the 24 hours of Rocky Hill Ranch solo in 2 weeks time. Travis and Justin expressed interest in racing in teams.

High School MTB Team Leaders Summit

Several club members will attend the summit next weekend. The TAMU Consolidated High School Team is expanding every year.

Social Rides

Social rides start at 6.00 pm at the moment, when the clocks go back the time will be pushed back to 6.30 pm.

Summer TT awards

We will present the summer TT awards at the meeting next month.

Yahoo Group

Several members expressed concern that the Yahoo list serve resulted in delays receiving emails and difficulties for new members getting enrolled. At the meeting next month there will be a vote on whether or not to switch to a Google group.

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