Meeting minutes 7th July 2014

Travis, Jonathan, Jason, Collin, Dana, Rachel, Gina, Victor, Greg, JP, Mike, Heath

Trail maintenance
The new signs for Millican have been printed and the plan is to have them cut so they are ready to be placed.

We will have trail maintenance on Saturday the 12th July at the Millican Reserve. We will start at 8am.

Time trials
Time trials will continue to be on Thursdays at the Millican Reserve. They start at 6.30pm.

Millican Reserve
The trail committee met with Johnny and Chad from the Millican Reserve and discussed use of the trail system there. We offered to share the trails that we have cut with trail runners. They will discuss whether this is the best option or whether they should build there own trails. One advantage of shared trails would be that trail maintenance could also be shared. We will meet with a representative from the trail runners at a future date.

Camping trips
Gina brought up the possibility of organizing a Fall camping trip. The possible venues are Reveille Peak Ranch, Dinosaur Valley, and Colorado bend DP.

Upcoming races
There will be a Blazing Saddles 6 hour race on August 17th at Rocky Hill Ranch.