Meeting minutes 4th August 2014

Trail maintenance will be at Lake Bryan at 8am.  We will work on Munnerlyn Loop, Loop de Loop, and Octopus.

Fall camping trips were discussed.  Gina has a list of top candidates that have available weekends. We will working on setting up a poll to determine where & when we’d like to go.

Some members will be entering the 2nd blazing saddles race towards the end of August.

We discussed prolonging the time trials to get a couple more runs in.

2 thoughts on “Meeting minutes 4th August 2014

  1. Since maintenance is being done on the east side, does this mean the east side has reopened?

    • Hi Jim,

      Our contact at BTU say the East Side will officially be open again very soon. We were allowed back there early to get the trails ready. We will keep you posted

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