Meeting minutes, 3 Nov 2014

Attendees: Jonathan, Carolyn, Victor, Luke, Jill, Gina, Beth, Fred, James, Jason, Mike Millican Reserve: There will be hunting at Millican Reserve in coming months. Do not go past phase 4 and further into the reserve. There were some trespassers on dirt bikes found on the property last night and they claimed to be from BVMBA. They were not members. As a reminder no motorized vehicles are allowed on the property and everyone riding must have signed a waiver and be a BVMBA member. Social Rides: Social rides will be moved back to 6.30 pm. Tuesdays we will ride at Millican, Wednesdays at Lake Bryan and Thursdays will be time trials at Millican. We are having some problems with the Yahoo Group calendar at the moment so it will not be updated right away. TAMU cycling team and Roadrunners have approached the Millican Reserve to use the trails system. We will coordinate with them and The Millican Reserve in the future. Club members expressed the wish that other partner organizations who use the trails are involved in trail maintenance. Time trials: Weather permitting winter time trails will start this Thursday (6th November) at 6.30pm possibly with a preride. They will be held at Millican. Joel has a course planned but timers are needed. The summer TT awards will take place after the TT this week. Members are encouraged to bring some food to share. Trail Maintenance: We will work at Lake Bryan starting at 9am working on the reroute, Game Trail, and Ratmaze. Holiday Lights Ride: This ride will take place on Monday 15th December. Further details will be announced shortly. Millican Reserve Pumpkin Palouza: several club members attended this event and represented the club. Four new families joined the club. We discussed the need for a BVMA banner at future events. BVMBA Officer Nominations: Luke was nominated for President, Beth for VP, and Amy for treasurer. Elections will take place at the next meeting.