Meeting minutes February 2014


Victor, Travis, Kerry, Chris, John, Gina, Jonathan, Justin, Joe, Mike, James, Jeff, Katie

Millican Reserve

Justin and Victor met with Johnny from the Millican Reserve. They reminded us that riding there is strictly limited to BVMBA members who have signed a waiver. The Millican Reserve will not allow non-BVMBA members to ride there. The club has cut around 7.3 miles of trails and James is planning more. During the meeting various ways to identify members such as membership cards were discussed. They also wanted to make sure that we know that before trails are cut we need their approval. They would like to liaise with horse riders who also use the trials. The need for trailhead signs saying that non-members cannot ride was also discussed. There have been problems with cows encroaching on the trails. The plan is for the cows to be moved to other area of the Reserve. They are now open to the idea of night riding but we need to check with them regarding which times we can ride.

There will be a Farmer’s Market on the 16th February and a Mud Run on the 22nd February.

Trail maintenance

We will meet at the Millican Reserve on Saturday 8th February at 9 am by the horse arena.

Dirty Dozen

Several teams from the BVMBA raced at the Dirty Dozen 12 hour Race last weekend. There was not too much rain and everyone had a great time. Kim and Ali raced in the 2-person open men’s laps as there were no women’s teams for them to compete with. The put in a very impressive 16 laps. Joel raced solo and had to stop early due to a knee injury put in a creditable 5 laps. Justin, Collin, and Travis raced as a 3-person team and did 14 laps.

Lajitas Desert Festival

The Lajitas Desert Festival is coming up in just over a week. Several club members will be attending. This event is super fun and is highly recommended!!