Meeting Minutes 1 April 2013


Jonathan L., Justin, Gina, Mike, Travis, Jonathan (new), David, James, Ali


  • The Big Event took place 2 weekends ago. We had 9 club members, 3 trail running students, and 12 Big Events students from the Texas Trophy Hunters work on rerouting the West Loop. A lot of new trail was cut but a lot remains to be done before the West Loop is open again.
  • Club members have been talking to developers from the Millican Reserve about the possibility of building a new trail system. Watch this space….
  • Recently JP, Travis, James, Kerry, and Chris went out to Cameron Park Waco to ride. They were guided by Waco locals Darwin and Randy and had a great ride.
  • The state of the club finances was discussed. The balance in the account has been declining at an unsustainable rate over recent years. A summary of the account balance and last year’s spending was given. Ways to reduce costs and get revenue were discussed. Options for increasing revenue that were considered included selling jerseys, or T-shirts and stickers. The cost of team jerseys was considered to be too high at $60-70 per unit. Justin will look into the cost of T-shirts and car stickers. The option of increasing membership dues to $30 for an individual and $30 to $45 for a family was also discussed. A vote on this issue will take place at next month’s meeting. Hosting a race at Lake Bryan in the fall was also considered.
  • Mike discussed the possibility of organizing a group course on CPR and first aid. More on details to follow.
  • This Saturday the 6th April we will have trail maintenance morning starting at 8am. We plan to work on moving sections of bridge to span some of the swamp crossing on the West Loop. This section is 40 yards long and eventually will need a much longer span of bridge to cover it. The West Loop is still closed for riding until it has been rerouted to avoid any sections on the slope of the levee.