July 10th Time Trial

Tonight’s time trial was the first this year to feature prizes.  Aggieland Cycling provided the prizes.  Prizes were determined by a roll of the dice and matched up to people’s timing number.  JP made off with a pair of Aggieland Cycling socks.  Patrick Farnsworth took home a bicycle chain keychain.  Times are below with commentary below times.

Racer Time
Joel 51:01
Jonathan 50:54
JP 44:12
Patrick 50:01
Travis 49:38
Victor DNF
Justin DNF

JP was king of the mountain.  Victor has to wait another week to dethrone him, as he suffered a flat front tire.  Travis improved his time and is under 50 minutes.  Patrick missed 50 minutes by just a hair.  Joel turned in a solid performance and is gunning for Patrick.  I also suffered a flat and DNFed.  It was my own fault.  I blew my own tire out with my new Co2 cartridges.  Love the Co2 though.  Just need to go easy on it!  btw, Thanks Christopher about the Co2 recommendation.  I think you were also right about my rim, which is why I’m going to shop for wheels tonight.  Good night all!  It was another great day at the lake!

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