TT results 29th August 2013 (Last TT of the season)

Mike Record                      40:04 PB

Jonathan Lidbury              48:03 PB

Josh Tremblay                   48:51

Travis Prochaska               50:53

The summer time trial series is over now and as usual it was great fun!

Thanks to James for timing this time trial series. It will be good to have you back on your bike for the next series.

Big thanks to Aggieland Cycles for sponsoring the TT!!


TT results 25th July 2013

For the last TT of July, shortly before the start the temp was up to around 106 F (maybe that was in town with all the concrete), by the time TT started it was a cool 99 F.  I guess the cool temperatures had an effect on participants performance. JP would say otherwise:) Several people recorded personal bests tonight.

1)      Mike Record              40:38 PB

2)      JP                               44:49

3)      Travis                         48:19 PB

4)      Jonathan                    48:38 PB

5)      David Gilman              50:39 PB

6)      Collin Clark                 54:54

We all had a blast!

Thanks again for timing James:)

TT- 7/18/13

It was a HOT on Tuesday evening. Trails were not in the best of shape.  A little deadfall from the previous days rain was on the trail creating some obstacles.  The trail was soft and sticky slowing down riders.

No door prizes for this week. Riders eligible for double door prizes next week.

Victor  46:06

JP  48:36

Josh Tremblay  51:00

Jonathan  53:26

Travis  54:20

Garret Brown 1:05:12  DNF

David Worley 1:15:18  Flat

Thanks for timing James!

July 10th Time Trial

Tonight’s time trial was the first this year to feature prizes.  Aggieland Cycling provided the prizes.  Prizes were determined by a roll of the dice and matched up to people’s timing number.  JP made off with a pair of Aggieland Cycling socks.  Patrick Farnsworth took home a bicycle chain keychain.  Times are below with commentary below times.

Racer Time
Joel 51:01
Jonathan 50:54
JP 44:12
Patrick 50:01
Travis 49:38
Victor DNF
Justin DNF

JP was king of the mountain.  Victor has to wait another week to dethrone him, as he suffered a flat front tire.  Travis improved his time and is under 50 minutes.  Patrick missed 50 minutes by just a hair.  Joel turned in a solid performance and is gunning for Patrick.  I also suffered a flat and DNFed.  It was my own fault.  I blew my own tire out with my new Co2 cartridges.  Love the Co2 though.  Just need to go easy on it!  btw, Thanks Christopher about the Co2 recommendation.  I think you were also right about my rim, which is why I’m going to shop for wheels tonight.  Good night all!  It was another great day at the lake!