BVMBA has recently started using TrailForks to map and help manage our local trails.  It is a very nice product that is useful to trail users, trail managers, trail builders, property managers and of course your local mountain bike association.  It is a crowd-sourced product that has both a web interface and app interfaces to be used with various smart phones.  You can find trails, see status of trails, see where you are at on the trails, report issues, report status, record your rides (can sync with Strava and not use additional app), earn achievement badges and numerous other options.  From the resources posted to TrailForks, we can report status on our local trails on this website. Read more about Trailforks and or download the app.  We encourage you to use Trailforks, it not only helps you but helps us as well.  A few reasons why to use TF can be found here.