Trail condition 2-10-2012

I did a little recon today to see what the damage was from the rain last week.  It was not as bad as I thought.  We lost the bollard bridge in Roller Coaster and lost some boards at the first bridge near the end of Roller Coaster.  Munnerlyn Bridge is now 30 yards downstream.  One of the support rails is broken.  Where there is a series of 4 bridges in a row, the little 4 foot one is gone.  Found it a pretty good ways down stream.  The only other major thing that I saw was the new pile of gravel at the first bridge in Rat Maze near Turbo Road.  I did not see any major trees or limbs down.  However, the trails will be very different with newly exposed roots and “holes”.  Use caution next time you ride because things and not as they were!

Finally, someone cut a new trial with a ramp at the beginning of Rock Garden.  Good intentions.  However, very dangerous.  Only 5% of folks riding this will jump it.  Most will roll over it.  Rolling over it will cause serious problems.  See the pictures of the exposed stick.  Bad cut whoever did this.  I closed it off with some branches, but we will need to either destroy it is make it real.