Reveille Peak Ranch Camping Trip

For months we have been talking about camping and riding at Reveille Peak Ranch (RPR), well that happened last weekend.

Although some of our members have traveled to RPR before –  this wknd James, Collin, Mike, Kerry, Gina, Christopher and Joel had the chance to gather in mt bike fellowship and explore all that RPR had to offer.

We all arrive at different times on Friday and after getting camp somewhat set up Mike, Collin and Joel took off for a quick ride up to Decision Point, the highest point on the property.  After about and hour and half of ridng we arrive back at camp.  Only of few minor mishaps but we were all in one piece.

Saturdays ride was the longest of the 3 days.  A total of three and a half hours of ride time totally  13 miles.  13 miles of climbing and manuevering throught some tight rocky terrrain and a few major drops.  But the highlight was when we were all atop of Decision Point as a group.

The heat started to play a big role in our ride.  So we decided to check outt he Quarry.  After a cooling off in the Quarry we all mount up and head back to the single track to the camp site.  What a day!!  The temperature was 100 with a heat index of 105.  We were pretty pooped and decided to call it a day.  No afternoon rider for us.  Diner and some conversation before we all crashed for the evening.

Sunday plans were to ride the Tee Pee Trail , Epic, and the Flow track and that is exactly what we did. With a total of 800  plus feet of elevation gain for the ride and some smooth flow track down hill you couldn’t asked for a better way to end the weekend.

Can’t wait till our next camping trip!!!!!

A little video from out trip. No footage of TeePee or Epic Trails you have to experience those on your own or our next camping trip.


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