GHORBA Waco Group Ride

Our friends at GHORBA hosted a group ride at the Cameron Park trails in Waco. A few BVMBAers (Mike, Kim, Ali, JP, and Victor) took them up on the offer and went for Quite the adventure.

For starters, the predicted weather was mid 50s. The actual temperature at 8am was something closer to 40. Brrr. Fortunately it warmed up once we were in the woods.

Riders were broken up into groups and the BVMBAers were carted around by a couple trail experts. They showed us all of the “black diamond” sections in directions that were meant to make our legs burn and our knuckles whiten. They even showed us a few super secret spots. Much thanks goes out to those guys for being patient with the group which was haunted by flats, skewers coming undone, and Kim’s sarcasm.

It was a great day, and we couldn’t have been more happy to have eaten the goodies provided by GHORBA.

Rubber side down!


Now, if JP and Victor could stop getting flat tires……….

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