Colorado Bend State Park Camping Trip, April 20-22, 2012

Great weekend. (period)

One truck arrived at CBSP around 4:00 on Friday to check-in and get the lay of the land.  Parked the truck, loaded three bikes and two bob trailers, then headed off for a 1.1 mile ride to find the Windmill primitive camp site.  After a bumpy ride, we located the meadow with big clusters of oak trees and found a spot to call home for the weekend.


 Got camp set up and were ready for a ride.  James and I headed out for some exploring while Christopher stayed back for the other to arrive.  The trails starting off were thru the meadows on Lively Loop, then turned into a path thru dense oaks and cedar with some rocks along the way.  This was the upper Lemons Ridge Pass.  We crossed the park road and onto Cedar Chopper loop.  Fun enough, then we hit Old Gorman Road Trail and it was FAST downhill with lots of rock, loose at that!  At the bottom we met some nice folks from the Waco Bicycle Club.  There were at the park working on the trials and invited us for a group ride on Sunday.  What a bonus for us!  Running out of light so we headed back along Gorman Falls Trail.  That was a bumpy uphill ride.  I was wishing forfull suspension!  Made back to the parking lot and met up with Greg.  He was working on a way to get his gear over to the camp site.  I helped him out and we walked it in.  Met JP and Travis on the way.  They decided to get lost on the way back to the car.  


Up early next morning for a 2 mile hike before anyone was stirring.  We got on the trail by 10:00 and found the Spicewood Springs for a nice bath after a 5 mile ride and half mile hike.  Back on the bikes and toward Gorman Falls.  The group started breaking up after 5 hours on the trail.  We made it to the falls.  What a sight that was.  Texas?  Not sure.  I think we were transplanted to a tropical forest.  Back to the camp site for some grub.  I went for a hike and found two caves only 10 minutes from camp.  Rounded up the crew and we went spelunking (sort of).  


Next morning (after the coyotes went away) we were on the bikes to meet the Waco folks at 9:00.  It was great to see some familiar faces from our combined group ride of GHORBA, BVMBA and WBC at Cameron Park a few months ago (January?).  We basically rode the same route as the day before, just a little faster and with some great tour guides!  Before we knew it, time was up.  Had to pack everything up and head back home.  But not without stopping in Lampasas for a burger at Storms drive-in.  


Last note:  Waco Bicycle Club and the Friends of the Colorado Bend State Park have created the Colorado Bend State Park Trail Project.  Many thanks to them for all of their hard work and great trails they created.  You can check out their work here:

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