Chihuahuan Desert Bike Festival 2014

Jonathan, Gina, James, Mike, JP, Travis, Chris, Kerry and Jason just got back from the Chihuahuan Desert Festival in Lajitas West Texas. This is the fourth year the the club has gone to this fantastic event.


On the banks of the Rio Grande!

Most of us left College Station on Tuesday and started the 10 hour drive to Lajitas in Very cold weather. There were was a large ice storm west of Austin and temperatures fell to 25 F at one point. This made for difficult driving conditions and did not bode well for a camping trip.


Icicles on our bicycles!

Luckily the temperature in Lajitas was slightly higher and it was dry. The weather for the rest of the trip was fantastic with dry trails, sunshine, and temperatures in the 70s during the day. We all had a great time riding the awesome flowy trails in Lajitas, the rocky climbs and descents of Big Bend Ranch State Park, and the awesome scenery of Big Bend National Park. Four club members rode the awesome 60 mile IMBA Epic ride in the State Park and lived to tell the tale!

The Crystal Trail!


Travis and JP enjoying the sweet trails!

As well as some great riding there was also a lot of delicious food to be had! Highlights included the 1 pound Diego burgers complete with 2 fried eggs and bacon at the Starlight Theater and Gina’s Fajita feast on Saturday night!


Jason tackles the formidable Diego Burger!

On Sunday we retuned to College Station with dirty bikes, sore legs, and big smiles. Now we are all counting down the days until next year’s event!


Lajitas sunset!