2011 TT Rotue

Join us Thursday nights as we Time Trial it through the Lake Bryan trails. The first rider takes off at 6:30.

The TT runs backwards from the normal flow of the trails so we Start where you would normally exit “Last Call.”  Orange circles mark where a few people have had trouble so far this year, so be sure to keep that in mind and maybe come out early to do a little pre-riding.

Orange circles mark spots that have caused some riders trouble in the night. Also note that the arrows are for the direction that Lake Bryan is normally ridden in. The TT course runs backwards though, so ride against the arrows!

Lap times range from ~30min – 45ish depending on skill levels and number of wrong turns.

The TT only costs you a $1 donation to the TX Mountain Bike League so dig in your couch cushions and under the seats of your car and get out here to play under the stars!

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