Trail Stewardship

To continue to support local trails in our area, BVMBA, has the responsibility of maintaining some of them.  Failure to do so in a safe and responsible manner can result in loss of a trail resource.  BVMBA may have some form of contract or Memorandum of Understand (MOU) with land managers where BVMBA maintains trails. An MOU can require BVMBA to carry liability insurance to cover maintenance of trails. On top of reporting maintenance progress to land management, insurance and MOUs require BVMBA to provide volunteers with some safety training during trail steward days, and participants to have completed indemnity and liability waivers before performing any trail maintenance.   This information is provided by the trail crew leaders, and waivers are available onsite during trail steward days.  For people to work outside of general trail maintenance days, we have trail steward waivers for individuals, and the same safety material is accessible for download.

    Complete this form (electronically sign-able) for anyone who is doing trail maintenance outside of the club’s scheduled trail steward days.
    Minors should complete this waiver before participating in any club general TM days if a parent or guardian will not be with them.
    Complete and e-mail to or hand deliver during a trail work day.
    On occasions we build something.  The MOU BVMBA has with BTU requires that this work be done as City of Bryan Volunteers at Lake Bryan.  It could be building a bridge or cutting new trail.
    For some COB work we can check in/out at the park entrance booth, identify where we are working and confirm we have reviewed the safety material.Sign up with the City of Bryan Volunteer program. When filling out, under Work Preference, choose Other and enter “Lake Bryan Trail working with BVMBA”.
    This trail safety and maintenance handout is provided during scheduled trail steward days.  It covers some general safety and personal protection devices for working on the trails.  Tools and some methods of different work that may be performed during the work day. You may review it now to have a head start on attending a monthly scheduled trail steward day.

    For individuals to report the work you have done, please use this JotForm.
    Only fillout the work you have done and the time you spent spent.
    If others were with you, they should fillout the form, or you can forward the reply you receive indication additional persons and the hours they spent (it is prefered that they do their own).
    The form helps to standardize reporting of work done so we can properly log it and minimize persons doing the same job multiple times if using the To-Do lists. The record of what you fill out will be sent to you, and our discussion group to notify officers tracking this information, and let our members know that work was done.
    Under the trail maintenance status we have a method of tracking when the trails were last Mowed, Trimmed, other odd jobs performed, and any work that may be needed. From this a TO-DO list is generated for each trail network. These pages will help identify where work is needed for individual trails at these locaitons.

    Choose a trail to see the trail maintenance To-Do list, or status worksheet.
      Lake Bryan East Loop Trail Maintenance Status
      Lake Bryan West Loop Trail Maintenance Status
      Millican Trail Maintenance Status
  • Trail Work Opportunities

      The club normally holds a monthly trail stewardship day on the first Saturday after the first Monday of the month, which follows our monthly general meeting. Location could be at Millican Reserve or Lake Bryan. Location TBD as work is needed.  The location may be posted on the club calendar, but is often announced at the Monday meeting prier to the work day.
      Other options are to work on your own or with a partner. Work can be found in the Trail Maintenance Status logs above, and on occasions announcements will be made on the club’s discussion list. Requirements:
      –   Before you do work on your own, you need to have an Individual Trail Steward Waiver on file with BVMBA.
      –  If the work involves building something, or cutting new trail, it may have to be done under the City of Bryan Volunteer program, signup here. When filling out, under Work Preference, choose Other and enter “Lake Bryan Trail working with BVMBA”.
      –  Choose work from the To-do lists found on the trail listings under Trail Maintenance Status.
      –  You may also inquire on work to be done by contacting

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