The Lake Bryan levee is closed for riding.  Do not ride on the levee per BTU!

Lake Bryan West Loop is closed for levee maintenance.  Do no ride the West Loop per BTU. 

Please report any maintenance problems (even, and especially, if you have taken the time to fix them) to or the BVMBA Facebook Page.  Thank  you for helping us keep the trails in good shape!


29 thoughts on “TRAIL STATUS

  1. Is there a fb page for the mtn bike trails. Last year over Easter I went and they were building a road or something and the trails were not as rideable. I’d like to try them again.

    Brad Bain

    • Hi Brad, the fb page is Brazos Valley Mountain Bike Association.

      If you are in town over Easter, hopefully Lake Bryan East will be open. We have been having a lot of rain lately, so mud closures are frequent, but all of the building is done and the trail has been rerouted to make a rideable loop.

      Lake Bryan West is under repair, and may not be available to ride until later this summer.

  2. Are the Mountain bike trails at Bryan lake open or closed? The latest post is three days old. Is there a different website or phone number I could call for more up-to-date info. Thanks


    • Hi Anthony, trails are still closed. Just got through with some light maintenance and they are still muddy. Status will be updated when it changes. Next check is tomorrow afternoon. If you join the BVMBA newsgroup, you can always start or join a discussion on trail conditions.

  3. I will be in College Station tomorrow (4/26) through Wednesday and would like to know of the trails are open. It looks like the last update was nearly 10 days ago.

    Chris Wylie

    • Hi Chris, unfortunately the trails are still closed. They were open for < 24 hours between Wednesday and Thursday but probably should not have been. They are now closed due to further heavy rain on Friday, Saturday morning and today. If there is no more rain for the next 48 hours, it may be possible for you to ride before you leave town, but this is not a fast-drying area.

  4. Hi! I wanted to go hiking tomorrow. What are the updates on the trails?! It has not rained in a while, so is it alright to hike?

    • Hiking will be fine. A trial ride today found standing water in some spots that are not meant to be water crossings, so we are asking bikers to stay off of those areas to avoid damaging the trail. But on foot they should be easy to avoid. Have fun!

    • Hi Stephen, the trails should be open for hiking. Mountain biking is still questionable due to the continued wet weather. If you do go out to ride, please be prepared to walk your bicycle through any areas of mud or standing water to avoid creating ruts on the trail that will further slow drainage and increase erosion. Thanks!

    • We had severe damage from the recent storms. Are working on clean-up this week and weekend. Still a lot of standing water as of June 1 but hopeful for resolution by the weekend. Check here or the Facebook page for updates.

  5. I have done alot of work on the trails. No one else seems to work on them, just Milican.
    they are getting better.

  6. There are a couple of trees down across the trail on the East Side. The first one is about .10 miles in. Can’t remember the exact location of the other one but it’s along the old trail (not Octopus or Loop de Loop) and before Cutoff at Turbo Rd. Also, looks like 4 wheelers have been active in places.

    • Hi Chris, Thanks for the update. Will we need a chainsaw to remove the trees?

      Re 4-wheelers: apparently there is nothing that can be done to stop that activity unless we catch them in the act. If you happen to see someone out on the trail with a motorized vehicle, please notify the authorities immediately.

  7. Will be in College Station next weekend and was wondering if the Lake Bryan west loop will be open. Last update here was early May.

    • Hi Adam,

      We are in a bit of a good news/bad news situation with the West Loop. Our application for a Texas Parks and Wildlife Department grant for trail improvements over there was approved (good news!), but we are not allowed to start any work until they have completed their site analysis, which will likely be sometime in the fall (bad news!)

      So, we have had dry conditions and the trail will not be muddy, but it will also be rather overgrown and parts are still under water. The East Loop, which is now over 12 miles of trail, is in pretty good shape and is being ridden regularly, although as always more work needs to be done.

      Hope that helps answer your question.

    • Hi Michelle,

      Millican Reserve is open dawn to dusk 7 days a week. The BVMBA also has permission to host night rides out there once weekly – we will start those up again when the days get shorter.

      You need to be a member of one of the local outdoor organizations (e.g. Brazos Valley Running Club, Brazos Valley Mountain Bike Association) to use the Millican Reserve trails.

    • Hi Denise! It’s good to hear from you. Unfortunately, the trails are still closed and the group trail ride is canceled for 12-1-15. We’ve been having a lot of rain recently, so folks are probably going stir-crazy looking for opportunities to ride. If you cross-post to the Facebook page, you might be able to find some MTB-on-road riders for tonight.

  8. Yes and no. If someone has actually been out to look at the trails and says they are okay, then that will be reflected here. If we are trying to decide whether to have a group ride/TT or not, but no one actually has any data, we may just post to Facebook and the listserv about the event so that the general public doesn’t get duped into going out on bad trails : ) If Facebook says a day’s ride or TT is on, then there is at least a fair chance the trails are rideable.

  9. Hi I rode at Millican this am the summer TT and phase 3. Mostly rideable I’d say but there is water still sitting in the lower areas. Didn’t really pick up mud till riding thru some of lower spots.

  10. Hi Nick,

    Millican is closed this weekend due to the Youth Hunt. The status page has been updated to reflect this. Millican will re-open Sunday, November 20th, after 2pm.

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