Lake Bryan
Millican Reserve

At, Lake Bryan, “Do Not Ride on the sides of the levee”, per BTU!

Lake Bryan West Loop was closed for over 4 years starting in early 2016.  As of January 2020, the trail has been recovered and gone through some expansion. One of the most enjoyable trails at Lake Bryan and is a little more beginner friendly.

Please report any maintenance problems (even, and especially, if you have taken the time to fix them) to or the BVMBA Facebook Page.  Using the TrailForks app you can report trail conditions, upload images and report work at the site on the trail.  Thank  you for helping us keep the trails in good shape!

Trail Maintenance Status

Under the trail maintenance status we have a method of tracking when the trails were last Mowed, Trimmed, other odd jobs performed, and any work that may be needed. These pages will show where work is needed on individual trails.

Lake Bryan East Loop Trail Maintenance Status
Lake Bryan West Loop Trail Maintenance Status
Millican Trail Maintenance Status

Trail Stewardship

Reference this link if you plan to do any trail work outside of trail steward work days.