Meeting Minutes May 2014

Social Rides location and time change!
– Tuesday @ 6:30 @ Millican
– Wednesday @ 6:30 @ Lake Bryan (West Loop)

Summer Time Trials are beginning!
– Thursday @ 6:30 @ Millican
– These time trials are being held as a fundraiser for the high school mountain bike team. So donate some cash to benefit the kids and help them get to races! Donation amount is up to you!
– Some high school riders will be joining us for the time trial series.
– We will start at the first cattle guard, ride phase 1 & phase 2, and then haul butt on the road the whole way back to the cattle guard.
– If you don’t know the route come out tomorrow night for the Millican social ride and people can show you the way.

These changes start this week and these rides will be every week, so you will have at least 3 options to ride every week.

Trail Maintenance Time Change!
– Trail maintenance will now start at 8 a.m. to beat the summer heat from now on
– Trail maintenance will be held at LAKE BRYAN this month to work on West Loop

Other updates:
– Arrow signs for Millican reserve are printed
– High school mountain bike championships were held this weekend, and the boys and girls had their best race of the season. Good job coaches!
– Boy Scouts will be joining for trail maintenance this weekend
– We have an updated Millican Reserve waiver forms list, so if you haven’t already, please get a waiver signed and turned into one of the officers.
– The camping trip for this weekend at Cedar Hill / Big Cedar was a blast
– Day trip is being contemplated for Dana Peak and possibly a camping trip to Comfort.
– We forgot to take attendance this evening, but had about 12-13 people attend.