Lake Bryan Trail Maps

East Loop: 14+ miles of trail

West Loop: CLOSED

Lake Bryan Trail Map  (Last updated: February 10, 2018 @ 4:02 pm)

Occasionally the trails will be closed due to mud or maintenance. Riding the trails when they are muddy causes tire ruts. Water pools in these ruts when it rains and contributes to erosion in the area. Most riders go around the pools of water and, as a result, cause additional trail erosion.

Trail erosion can cause entire sections of trail to be closed for months at a time while they dry out and are rebuilt.

Most importantly: The land the trails are on (and the rest of Lake Bryan) is owned by BTU for the primary purpose of generating electricity. If trail erosion in any way damages any part of the levee or surrounding area, BTU will be forced to close the trail system to protect their investment in the power plant.

Please help us keep the trails open rideable, and do not ride the trails when they are wet.

How to get to Lake Bryan:

Starting at Texas A&M University in College Station, TX, take George Bush Drive west to FM 2818. Turn right (north) on FM 2818. Take FM 2818 until you pass the Hwy. 21 exit and come to a blinking yellow light. Take a left (west) at the blinking yellow light on to Sandy Point Rd. The park will be on the right about 3 miles ahead on Sandy Point Rd.

Once in the Park: After passing the toll booth, take the first left toward the boat ramp. Go right to find a parking spot on the pavement, or go left on the dirt road on the edge of the lake to find a parking spot near the trail head. The trail starts on the levee near the entrance of the park. There are trails on both sides of the lake. Trails on the west side of the lake are more suitable for the beginner/intermediate, and trails on the east side of the lake are more for the intermediate/expert. Take a look at the trail map at the entrance to the levee to get an idea of where the trails run.

15 thoughts on “Lake Bryan Trail Maps

    • We should have people out there tonight (6/4/2013) to check the trails. I’ll try to post tonight. We also have a BVMBA group on Yahoo. Send us a request and come to a meeting if you would like to be on it. We’d love to have you!

        • Hey David, Thanks for you interest in our club! Probably the best way to get started in to join us on a social ride. We meet on Tuesday evening at 6.30pm by the boat ramps. The ride is pretty laid back with frequents stops and lots of talking. If you have any questions feel free to email me ( Looking forward to seeing you out on the trails!


  1. I’m from out of town and was wondering if there’s any place I can go to get review of trail or map or level of difficulty? Is it mostly in trees or out in open? THANKS!


    • Hi Bonnie,

      Firstly, sorry for the slow response. There is a trail map on the website (slightly outdated for the West Loop) and a couple of maps out on the trails at the East Loop trail head. We are working on improving the signs:)

      Most of the trails are under trees and well shaded. There is a mixture of difficulty levels from beginner to intermediate but nothing very technical.


    • Elizabeth, the trails are in good shape. We are working on the maps. East side has a new section called the Octopus. There are signs posted. Other than that the east side map is accurate. The west side is different, but there are plenty of signs.

      Have a great ride!


  2. Thanks so much for the update, I was concerned that they would be muddy and I saw on your website that riding on the muddy trails was discouraged and we are coming from Burleson County, didn’t want to drive so far and not be able to ride!

    • Hi Fawn,

      Unfortunately the East Loop is still closed. They should be finishing up the construction out there in a few weeks. It may take us a while to get the trails joined together again as it sounds like they have been destroyed in a few places.

      The west loop is still open and was mowed last weekend so is riding pretty well.


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