Dirty Dozen 2013 race recap

BVMBA had was represented by 4 teams at this year’s Dirty Dozen 12 hour race.

  • Boone Flynn was a member of the Aggieland Cycling team that won the 3-4 man team open.
  • John Flynn, Victor Mason and I were on a 3 man team that finished 4th in the  Masters category
  • James Munnerlyn, Justin Flynn and Collin Clark finished 10th also in the Masters category
  • Travis Prochaska and Jonathan Lidbury finished 4th in the 2 man open category.

Friday night

Travis and  skipped work early and got to the ranch around 5pm.  Our usual spot was already taken so we found a more secluded spot on the other side of the pond.  Access was a little complicated but it was secluded and very nice spot.  James joined us as the sun was setting and Victor got there even later.  We made a fire, had a beer and strategized for the next day. 1 lap or 2 laps each?, who runs theLeMans start? etc…

Kim, Ali and Jared did a night ride and stopped at our campsite to say hi.  (By their second lap, everybody was already asleep!)

Saturday: the Race

everybody got to the campsite between 7 and 8am and we started to get busy for the 9am start!  John brought awesome coffee and Justin, Travis and Victor got prepared for the LeMans start.

Victor got an excellent start, being about 5th on his bike.  Travis and Justin had good runs too, being in the middle of things and looking strong.

Things were running smoothly for the first couple laps until Travis got hit with 2 mechanical failures, braking his chain on one lap and braking a derailleur cable on the next one (had to finish the lap “Single Speed” style).  Fortunately, Bike Mart had a mechanic out there that fixed his bike super fast in both occasion.

Not so fortunate was Victor who crashed at the end of his 3rd lap and hurt his knee pretty bad.  He was running very strong up to that point with 34 minutes laps.  Being a trooper, he hobbled through 2 more laps but had to call it quits after that.  John and I picked up that slack nicely and managed to finish strong.  We were about 3 minutes behind the 3rd place team on the very last lap and we almost caught them, finishing 10 seconds behind.

Justin also had knee issues so James finished the day with 2 consecutive laps to put the team in 10th place.

It was an awesome day, with Ali and Kim cheering us and rocking to 80’s classic rock  all day at the solo table and with Bob and Joel taking pictures on the trail.  All the BVMBAs did great especially considering it was the first race for Justin, Jonathan and Collin; or the first race in a long time for James.

2013 Miles of Discomfort & Overall Results

Mike and I had the oppurtunity to travel to Comfort this weekend to compete in the final race of the  2012-13 TMBRA Marathon Series.  On the drive we saw the result of a volcano erupting.

Erupting Volcano in Tx!!!

After a few miles of warming up we join all the participants for the full marathon at the starting line.  The whistle blows and we’re off. It was drizzling at the start line and drizzled for about an hour into the race.  These condition would make the rocky terrain slippery.  Not exactly what we we wanted. On the positive side we both have experienced  this type of riding condition and knew we would have to be focused and cautious on the rocks.

That’s exactly what Mike did.  Focus and cautious riding placed Mike 4th place with a time of 4hrs and 30 minutes.  I rolled in slightly later with at time for 6hrs and 58 minutes for the 52 mile race

For those of you that haven’t had a chance to ride at Comfort they are some of the smoothest and fastest single track, gnarly rocky sections with some 2000 ft of total elevation gain for the 26 miles of single track/jeep road trails.  Get there and ride when you have a chance.

Series Overall 40-49 Age Group Standings:

40-49 Age Group - 2nd overall


40-49 Age Group - 5th Overall


A Short Video  of the Upper Loop!!


What’s next for the BVMBA’ers:

Some of our fine riders will be at the Terra Firma Dirty Dozen Race on Feb. 2 and then some of us will be travelling to the Chihuahuan Desert Bike Fest in Lajitas, Tx for 3 days of riding in the Desert on Feb.14-16.

2013 El Paso Puzzler

The Race was held at Franklin Mountains State Park with a total of 146 confirmed riders as of Wednesday evening pre-registration cutoff time.

The race was cut into 3 pieces to form the 50 mile puzzler.  The 1st piece was an 8 mile loop that ran across the lower foothills on the mid north east section of the mountain range and looped back toward the start/finish line to complete the 1st piece of the puzzler.   After nearly 900 ft of climbing my legs and lungs were in for a long day.

Unfortunetly, Mike had 3 pinched flats on the Pipeline Road and had to run the final 2 miles back to the start/finish line.  We all know racing and this is one of those things thats just fustrates the heck out of us.  Believe me he would recover and recover with a vengeance!!!

The 2nd piece of the puzzle was a 27 mile ride. First we would spin are legs throught the Lazy Cow trail the onto the Old Tin Mine road then we went up and around the southern portion of the Franklin Mts. on Mundy’s Gap trail.  I knew It would be a grinder for me and the other five riders I was climbing with. Next thing I hear, in the faint distance “just keep swimming, just keep swimming”.  You know it Mitey Mike was climbing like he probably never climbed before.  Leaving me and 20-25 other riders in the dust.  Was really glad to see him back where he should have been from the start.  I just kept swimming up stream knowing I had great company up the mountain.  Unfortunetly that did’nt last long the guys I was with started to walk more than ride and that left me all alone to do push myself to my limit and by time I reached the top my limit had been spent, just under 1900 ft of climbing in under 8 miles.

What a great view!!  The downhill descent would be tricky. Alot of loose soil and rocks would test our skills.  We both make it to the 1st feed zone where Debbie and Jenn were waiting for us.  It’s always a GREAT feeling to see there faces out there.  We’ve done 3 other races this series and had others cheering us on but when its your wife or friends is even sweeter.  The next 10 miles to the 2nd feed station were really cool Up and Down the trail trying to stay away from the thorning pointy plants!!  I did get a pin hole in my front tire during this section but the stans did it’s job.  Mike had prepared me very well for this race.  Rocky, Hilly, Loosey and the Mundy Gap climb but he forgot to mention we climbed up and over the northern end of the Franklin Mts.  I thought we would stay on the foothills and just went around the mountain.  I was told at the 2nd feed station it was time to get the lungs and legs ready for some more climing. I didn’t feel bad walking this one. 90% of it was, in my eyes, unridable!!

By this point Mike was long gone and I was ready to finish this piece of the puzzle.  Finally making it back I see Mike had finished. Way to go Mike.  I was exhausted when I head to the timing table.  That’s when I found out I had missed the 2:15 cutoff time to finish the last piece of the Puzzler.  Was I happy, not really.  Was I glad, Sort of.

We talked about the ride on the way home.  Thats when I found out the 3rd piece of the puzzle was more climbing and sections more technical that what I had already ridden.  We came to the conclusion it was a beautiful trail that reminded us of several other trails combined.

After all was said in done Mike finished in 8th place in the 40-49 age group and I had another great ride!!!

Big Thanks to Debbie and Jenn for coming out, cheering us on and driving us home.

Meeting Minutes – 7 January 2012

The notes are not as pretty as the usual notes. Our Sec. is out sick.  Get better soon!


Attendees:  Mike R, Jonathan L, Justin F, Gina H, John F, Joel R, Boone F, James M, J.P. R, Travis P,


Elections:  Justin F. was elected President, Patrick F. was elected VP, and Jonathan L. was elected Sec/Tres for the 2013 year. Congratulations!


Trail Maintenance is scheduled for this Saturday at 8:00.  Meet at the boat ramp parking lot.  There are several misc. items that need to be worked on including repair of a few bridges, clearing out the “falling” canopy on Last Call, repairing the wash-out in Rat Maze, and repairing the “trenches” on Goat Trail and Prelude.


It was noted that the web site does not say anything about the West Loop being closed due to BTU work.  This will be noted on the home page.


James went over some of the work done on new trail.  This could be a big event item to get the majority of cutting done.


Races:  Boone raced the EE last weekend and came in 10th in the Open category!  Congratulations!  Other races coming up include the El Paso and Comfort marathon races (Jan 20 and  26), and the Dirty Dozen 12 hour race on Feb 2.  The Dirty Dozen will be a great training race for the Desert Fest on Feb 14-16!


Finally, John F. gave an update on the HS race team.  There may be 5 races this year:  Rocky Hill, Reveille Peak Ranch, Huntsville State Park, San Angelo, and Rocky Hill Reverse.

Trail Maintenance – December

In attendance: Mikey, Kim T, Justin F, Kerry S, Christopher A.

Student volunteers: Jake S, Murray (Reis) L, Ryan O

First…. It was crazy calm out at the lake this morning.

Justin F, Kim T and Kerry S took a bit of paint out to the trails. Justin had primed our trail marker signs Friday afternoon so this morning they were ready for their yellow base coat. Next round we will be filling in the letters with either blue or black paint.

Kim T had a slight accident and now… there is a nice yellow stripe on the cement decent…Oops?    It is pretty.

Mikey went and built us a map holder at the teeter totter to help with wayfinding. We’ll get the map printed this week hopefully and have it installed soon! Sorry I didn’t snap a photo of that, Mikey… it looks really good!)

Christopher took the students into the woods with loppers for some trimming.

On returning to the car park, we found a group from Houston including our buddy Mike S.

Kim T latched on a small group and led them around the trails while Joel rode with another of their guys. Always great to see some fresh faces out at the trails!

Until next time!!

Meeting Minutes – December

Trail Maintenance This Saturday – 8 a.m.

Blair Witch needs work

Work on the “new” trail….

Build podiums for the new maps

Paint signs

West Loop Status

We have a new contact person with BTU, Allen. The West Loop is still closed until further notice. Here is what we know:

The issue is that the release of the west loop to the public is based on the approval of the Texas Dam Commission of the State of Texas. They base their decision on multiple factors  and in the last review they stated that the growth of the vegetative cover over the areas that were being worked on was not acceptable yet. So until they are satisfied with that and other details the area will remain closed to bicycle traffic. So as you can see there is no timeline that we can predict the opening of the trails to bicycles.

When the trails are open we will notify you ASAP.

Feb. Desert Trip

The desert trip is coming up fast. We’re looking for a headcount by next month so we know how many vehicles are needed and/or if it would be worthwhile to rent a van/trailer. The “Desert Trip” as we’ve called it is a 3-day mt bike festival way out in west Texas. Check out a post/photos from last year’s trip.

Time Trials

TTs are under full swing with 3 of them behind us. James is being accused of doping (not really… but his times have been dropping like its hot…). Patrick’s gunning for a sub 40 ride here soon – especially with some new bike parts on order…. Watch out folks!

BVMBA Officer Nominations

President: Justin F.

VP: Patrick

Secretary: Jonathan

Camp Eagle Race

Mikey and Joelsy raced at Camp Eagle last weekend. Mikey scored 1st in his age group and 8th overall. Joel has yet to figure out that the purpose of a race is Not to break bike parts, but to… ride your bike.  😉

A&M Consolidated High School Mt. Bike Team

The first AMCHS meeting is coming up! Its that time again for the High Schoolers to get rolling. Get ready for another exciting season!


In Attendance:

James M, Jason F, Kerry S, Christopher A, Gina H, Travis P, Justin F, Jonathan L, David G, Patrick F, Kim T, Ali W


Meeting Minutes – November

Mikey was a grump-cicle to start off with at this week’s meeting. It happens. 😉

Winter Time Trials

Winter Time Trials will begin this week!

Start times will land somewhere between 6:30 and 7 p.m.

There will not be a Time Trial held on Thanksgiving, Christmas or February 14.

Weekly Group Ride

Moves to 6:30 on Tuesdays since it will be dark regardless and this gives more people more time to get out to the lake.

Club Officer Nominations

We will be nominating club officers at the next meeting (Dec. 3). We recommend showing up to the meeting if you would like to be nominated. It is also of note that …you do have to accept the position, we will not force you.

The positions include: President, Vice President and Secretary/Treasurer.

Trail Maintenance

We will gather at 8 a.m. on Saturday morning (Nov. 10)  in the parking lot to begin trail maintenance. We are expecting numerous student volunteers (20?) to be with us so will be able to tackle a lot of the trail. General trimming and maintenance is priority.

NICA High School Coaches Meeting

Mike and John both atteneded the NICA (National Interscholastic Cycling Association) coaches clinic this past month. Saturday’s topics covered risk management, legal, crazy parents, general management. Sunday was spent learning how to teach mountain biking skills.

There will be more teams participating in the high school race scene this year. Races will be held at Rocky Hill (2 races there), Revielle Peak Ranch, and … the fourth venue is yet to be determined.

Get Dressed, BVMBA!

Submit designs if you have some in mind for a jersey.

There was also discussion of club t-shirts and/or tech-t’s to have for hanging out at races or during trail maintenance. Again, submit designs if you have something in mind…

Camp Eagle Weekend and 24hrs of Rocky Hill

Thanks Joel for the oral history of the Camp Eagle weekend and especially for the fantastic write-up!

Levee Signs

Hey Justin F.! You got some props at the meeting for your nice blue/yellow levee signs. Users are finding them quite helpful on the trails.

Further discussion was had about what to do with the signage on the trail system… Stay tuned.

In attendance:

Boone F, Jason F, J-P, Mikey, Munnerlyn, Patrick , Travis , John F, Joel, Ali, Kim, Jonathan


24 Hrs of Rocky Hill / Camp Eagle Trip 2012

Joel’s Recap:

24 Hrs of Rocky Hill

Another successful race for the BVMBA.  Although some of our riders had a few bumps, bruises and sore spots we all left in ONE piece!!!

James and Mark Munnerlyn got the short end of the stick when there 4 man squad was cut in half.  None the less they both put in speedy times and finish with a total of 7 laps.

I finished each lap well within my designated goal time. I only crashed 4 times during my time on the trails with a major wreck on lap 6.  Felt really erie watching the rocks coming straight at me.  I was able to do 9 laps  putting me in10th place for my 2nd attempt at the 24 Hr race.

But the highlight of the 24 Hr wknd was the Dream Team (Mike, JP, Kim and Ali).  They competed in the 3-4 person co-ed and finished a solid 3rd place.  Each member of the team pulled off some incredible times with some solid riding.  CONGRATS to everyone!!!

Camp Eagle Trip

Mike, Joel, Ali, JP, Nicholos along with first time visitors James, Travis, Jason and Jonathan had the chance to ride the mountain bike trails at Camp Eagle.

We all arrived at different time and unfortunetly not all of us had the chance to get a quick 6 mile ride in on Friday evening. But the trails were in GREAT condition.  After our quick ride we all gather at the camp site for dinner and conversation.  By this time everyone but Ali has made the journey to Camp Eagle.  As the night progressed we started to worry a little since there is no cell service and the only internet service is at the camp headquarters.  30 more minutes we kept saying, “if she’s not here by then were going to sleep”.  Well she make it with time to spare.  All BVMBA’ers accounted for and now time to rest for Saturdays ride.

The prelude to any group ride is always a fun sight to observe.  No specified time to wake up, eat or even start riding.  We’ll have to definetly work on this in the future.  Just Kidding !!!  Am I ???

Our goal for the ride – Make sure to hit every possible trail with no major injuries !!

We all get organized and hit the trails.  Mike leads the group starting off on the Fish Trail.  Fish Trail is usually where most of the races at CE start and finish.  From there we jump onto Duck which runs along the Nueces River and is the start of the North Loop.  Two really cool section to get the legs jump started before we make the ascend up (Boot, Moon, Texas) to the 2nd highest point at CE.

For the most part these 3 section have been slightly modified to keep you on your toes throught the challenging areas and still allow you to feel confident about your biking skills.

We had several stop along the North Loop to make sure all riders were accounted for and make sure everyone was still feeling the energy to ride on.  Time to descent down back to the Boot Trail to finish off the North Loop.  The second half of the Texas trail is a nice technical switchback trail that ends back on the Moon trail.  From this point it became a flowy downhill that feeds back into the Boot trail and really starts to get fun.  Our speed slightly increased as we headed down to the creek beds and back to the campsite for a quick five minute rest before we conquer the South Loop.

We started off by hitting the jeep road to the start of Lisa Ln. trail.  Actually we started off by fixing Ali’s rear tire.  Flat as a pancake. New tube was holding zero air.  After further evaluation there was a whole at the base of the valve stem.  No bueno.  Mike double checks the tire, inserts a new tube and now we’re off.

Lisa Ln is a nice smooth gravel road that goes straight uphill for about 200 yards.  Nasty climb.  But as the old saying goes “what goes up has to come down” and that is exactly what we did for breif minute on Longhorn.  The only bad thing about this is there is a 180 degree turn at the bottom.  That’s right folks time to go back up, again.  The up part was filled with several rocky techinal areas or as I call them WALKNING sections. But still a blast.

We all gather at the top for a brief second and then hit the Armadillo trail down to the creek bed.  The creep bed portion is in my eyes the best section of the entire trails system.  I could ride there all day!!

Don’t know what got into Mike, JP, Nick and myself but we take the creek bed challenge.  Sometimes rolling over rocky technical section is easier at speed.  It doesn’t feel like your taking all of punishment the rocks are giving.  As usual Mike gets to the end of the creek bed first and starts to mess around with a little climb.  We all try the section and after one failed attemp I was out.  I decide to sit my tired self down on a cool boulder.  Within minute we’re all together again just about to continue the ride as Mike takes one more quick spin up the little climb.  Bang, Boom, Blam is all I can see as we hear Mikes back wheel slam into a rock.  That’s right folks second flat of the day.  No worries the rock I was sitting on and the ground where JP was laying down at stayed cool the whole time.

Quick fix and back on the bike to cross the suspension bridge and head back to the campsite for a breif break before we hit the final 5 miles fo the day.

The last 5 Miles of the day included the longest hill up to the wind mill and longest descent of the day.

The windmill jeap road was even more intimidating than Lisa Ln.  At least on Lisa Ln you have trees on either side while you are climbing.  While riding up the Windmill jeep road it seemed like you were going up to heavens nothing but blue skies.  Always a challenge for me but I was able to make it up 150 yards or so before it was time to get off and do a little hiking.  Can’t recall who made it all the way up the initial climb. But if  you did CONGRATS!!!!  At this point we are only 1/3 of the way to the highest point at Camp Eagle.  Still a little more climbing before we hit the fastest mile on the trail.  But before we get there we stop and check out the New Zip Line.  I believe I heard someone says it was the longest in the world or at least in Texas.  By now the heat and fatigue factor are starting to take a toll on some of us but we all continue forward.  Somewhere along the fence Jonathon has the a flat tire and the third flat of the day.  We quickly fix it a try to catch up with the rest of the group.  The bad part of this section is that there are now signs or posting indicating you are leaving Camp Eagle property.  We’ve missed the turn toward the 1 mile descend before and ended up going up and down hills and crossing a few property lines.  It was a great expedition but with it being the first day of deer season we didn’t want to make that mistake again.

Unfortunely we made the mistake again and quickly back track and find our turn.  We took a few minute to make the turn a little more noticable for future visits.

I can’t even explain how fast the 1 mile downhill was.  But in Mike’s words:  WEEEEE WEE WEE WEEEEEEEEEEEE!!! My max speed for that section was 35.4 mph.  Boy was I glad I didn’t have a flat tire or wreck.  That was pretty much the end of the day on the bikes.  We finish the last mile or so back to the campsite where we grap some grub, rest and change for out trip down to the Nueces River.  We take a toll of all the bumps and bruises and It looked like Travis was the winner this time with Jason a close second.

We had to cancell any plans we had for Sunday biking because a Pretty Nasty storm hit CE.  No worries we ended up taking a 3-4 mile hike on Sunday morning before we hit the long journey home.  If you didn’t make the camping trip this time please make sure to clear the schedule next time we plan our next trip.  You will not be dissappointed!!!

Big THANKS to Mike Record for getting everything organized!!!

A short video for your viewing pleasure!!!













October Meeting Minutes and TT awards

Trail Maintenance will be this Saturday at 8 a.m.

With the heavy rain last weekend, there will likely be some dead fall to clean up. Trimming needs to happen at the bottom of the switchbacks. With the PowePedal coming up, we may do some work on the West loop… Maybe.

Speaking of, the PowePedal is coming up on October 13. Come on out and race!

Camping Nov. 2 at Camp Eagle is officially on the calendar as 2 shelters have been reserved for. BVMBA covers camping costs, but you will need to cover any day-use fee that might apply. ($10 for Camp Eagle?).

The annual trip to Big Bend is around the corner (pun intended!). February 14-16 is coming up fast and you don’t want to miss this trip so get it on your calendars! Check out all the fun that was had this past year.

Joel gave us a delightful recap of the Revielle Peak Ranch adventures this past weekend (Sept 22-23).

The weekend was kicked off with the Terra Firma Adventure Race on Saturday. Kim and Ali represented BVMBA in the 6hr 2-person female team category and not only won that category, but also the overall!

Joel, Mikey, J-P, John and Boone all raced on Sunday in the RPR 100k race. Mike and Boone both registered as sport (rather than Open) riders and wound up taking 1st and 3rd place respectively as the overall solo males. Mike beat last year’s best time by 36 minutes!?!? Unbelievable, guys. John and Joel also had fantastic rides, finished the entire race and placed in the top half! J-P went from 20 gears down to 2 on the first lap and still managed to complete 3 laps!

Of course, Bobcat13 was there this weekend making everyone look good. Take a gander through the photos to check out the race scenery!

I believe it is safe to say that BVMBA gave Texas something to talk about this weekend. Well done everyone.

Time Trials!

The summer Time Trial series raised $100 for the A&MCHS Mt. Bike team this past season. Great work everyone!

Awards went out to:

Overall                                 Participant                                          Prize
1st Place                              James Munnerlyn                           Overall trophy,  $50 Certificate
2nd Place                             Jonathan Lidbury                            Certificate Award,   $30 Certificate
3rd Place                             Joel Reyes                                     Certificate Award,   $20 Certificate
Fastest Overall M             Boone Flynn                                      Certificate Award, Slime Tube
Fastest Overall F             Kim Topp                                           Certificate Award, Slime Tube
Most Improved M             Patrick Farnsworth                             Certificate Award, Slime Tube
Most Improved F             D’Angela Manago                                Certificate Award, Slime Tube 26”
Most Mechanical M        Greg Swoboda                                    Certificate Award, Slime Tube
Most Mechanical F         Gina Hokanson                                   Certificate Award, Slime Tube 26”
Newcomer                      David Gilman                                      Certificate Award, Slime Tube 26”
Great work out there everyone!!!!