July 10th Time Trial

Tonight’s time trial was the first this year to feature prizes.  Aggieland Cycling provided the prizes.  Prizes were determined by a roll of the dice and matched up to people’s timing number.  JP made off with a pair of Aggieland Cycling socks.  Patrick Farnsworth took home a bicycle chain keychain.  Times are below with commentary below times.

Racer Time
Joel 51:01
Jonathan 50:54
JP 44:12
Patrick 50:01
Travis 49:38
Victor DNF
Justin DNF

JP was king of the mountain.  Victor has to wait another week to dethrone him, as he suffered a flat front tire.  Travis improved his time and is under 50 minutes.  Patrick missed 50 minutes by just a hair.  Joel turned in a solid performance and is gunning for Patrick.  I also suffered a flat and DNFed.  It was my own fault.  I blew my own tire out with my new Co2 cartridges.  Love the Co2 though.  Just need to go easy on it!  btw, Thanks Christopher about the Co2 recommendation.  I think you were also right about my rim, which is why I’m going to shop for wheels tonight.  Good night all!  It was another great day at the lake!

Meeting Minutes June 3rd, 2013

Thomas (New)
John F
Aaron (New)

Trail maintenance
James reports that the West Side is officially open but still needs some finishing off mainly removing stumps. The new trails need to be ridden in though. The East Loop needs work to remove some face slappers, mow long grass and a felled tree. We will work on the trails focusing on the East Loop on Saturday 8th June at 8am.

The new signs for the signs are ready to be put up and this will be done as time allows.

BTU has requested updated maps of the trail system and we will work on these.

We will be taking orders for BVMBA technical T-shirts. To order a T-shirt talk Jonathan, Patrick, or Justin. They will cost $25 each.

The URL for our website is being moved by Justin as the account with the old host had expired this has taken a lot of time and effort.

Summer TT
The summer time trial will take place on the West Loop to ride in the trail if possible. The TTs will start on Thursday June 13th at 6.30pm.

Milican Reserve
We will arrange a group ride at Millican Reserve this or next week.

The guys at Millican Reserve have kindly invited BVMBA to their 4th of July party. We plan to do a family ride and a BBQ.

Justin, Travis, JP, Nick, and Collin had a great time riding at Rocky Hill Ranch over the Labor Day weekend. There is interest in day trip and camping trips in the coming weeks.

2012/2013 WInter TT series overall results

1st place overall points                    Travis Prochaska

2nd Place overall points                   James Munnerlyn

3rd place overall points                   Kerry Snow-Alley


Fastest Intermediate Female           Kerry Snow-Alley

Fastest Beginner Male                      Jonathin

Fastest Intermediate Male               Joel Reyes

Fastest Advanced Male                     JP Rheault


Travis was presented with an awesome trophy, that James kindly made, and a $50 Aggieland Cycling voucher! Congratulations to everyone who took part and many thanks to James for organizing a really fun series as well as to our time keepers! The trophy will be displayed in Aggieland Cycling at some times of the year to promote the club.

Travis won the overall series

May Meeting Minutes


Boon F.


James M.

Justin F.

Mike R.



Jack and Chad (from The Millican Reserve)

Travis P.

Patrick F.

John F.




Millican Reserve

Chad and Jack from the Millican Reserve kindly joined us. The Millican Reserve is a non-profit organization building healthy community around nature. They will open up a 1500acres of land, south of College Station to groups within the local community for a variety of activities. BVMBA have been in contact with them regarding the possibility of building mountain bike trails on their site. The plan is for BVMBA to build the trails with their help. The trails will be open for BVMBA members to ride with purchase of a season ticket or day ticket.


The current situation is that Jack and Chad are waiting for their architects to identify the areas of land where we can cut trail. They invited us to come out and ride the existing horse trails on a day when there would be no horses. We will suggest a day and get back to them. Mike, James, and one other person will form a trail building committee who will mark the trails that the club will cut.



Justin has recently ordered some BVMA stickers. These are available for purchase ($5) to help raise money for the club. To buy a sticker talk to Justin, Jonathan, or Patrick.



A planned design for BVMBA T-shirts was emailed out to the list-serve a week or so ago. There was some interest but not enough to get the planned order of 48. Because of the club’s limited finances at the moment members will be asked to prepay for their T-shirts. The New Balance technical T-shirts will be available at CC Creations on Holleman drive to try on for size.


Business cards

A motion for the club to print business cards was approved. These will be used to increase the community’s awareness of BVMBA. A motion for Patrick to pay for these cards and in return have his business details on the reverse side of the card was also approved.


Membership dues

A motion to increase membership dues to a flat rate of $30 for families and individuals was approved. This will be effective July 1st, 2013.


Camping Trip

The upcoming camping trip on Labor Day weekend to Muleshoe Bend recreation area and Pace Bend Park was discussed. John F. is kindly letting us camp at his house, which is very close to Muleshoe. If anyone is interested in attending this trip please email Justin F.


Winter TT awards

The results from the winter time-trial series are as follow:


1st place overall points                    Travis Prochaska

2nd Place overall points                   James Munnerlyn

3rd place overall points                   Kerry Snow-Alley


Fastest Intermediate Female           Kerry Snow-Alley

Fastest Beginner Male                      Jonathin

Fastest Intermediate Male               Joel Reyes

Fastest Advanced Male                     JP Rheault


Travis was presented with an awesome trophy, that James kindly made, and a $50 Aggieland Cycling voucher! Congratulations to everyone who took part and many thanks to James for organizing a really fun series as well to our time keepers. The trophy will be displayed in Aggieland Cycling at some times of the year to promote the club.


Summer Time-trial

The summer time trial will likely run the East Loop including the Octopus but them take the Teeter-Totter cutoff on the way back. The planned start date is June 13th. The plan is to divide the work more fairly and have multiple people time the series. More details to follow


Trail maintenance

We will meet for trail maintenance Saturday 11th May at 8am. The planned focus of this session will be the new trail we need to cut on the West Loop. There are still lots of areas that need to be de-stumped including the Octopus and this will be done as time permits. Due to limited finances the club will not rent a stump grinder at the moment.



The signs we ordered form CC Creations with Martha from TAMU Kinesiology are ready to be picked up. Some of these have to be cut into 2 pieces before they can be put up.


High School MTB League

Last weekend was the final race of the Texas High School MTB League season and TAMU-CHS won this race. Overall they came an impressive second place in the league. Several riders on the team have only very recently taken up the sport and already have posted some very impressive results and just as importantly are really enjoying mountain biking. So congratulations to all those involved and thanks to John, Mike, Kim, and Ali for acting as ride leaders!


Race/event in the fall

Having a race or event to raise money for the club in the fall was discussed. Several different formats including a fun ride, a shorter race or a 24-hour race were discussed. Concern was raised about the amount of effort than organizing a race would require. The format of the event will need to be further discussed to make sure it is not too ambitious.



Patrick has set up a BVMBA club group on Strava the cycling and running GPS tracking service (Strava.com). Club members are encouraged to post times for sections of our trail on Strava for some friendly competition and to raise awareness of the club among cyclists.

Big Event 2013

The Big Event took place two weekends ago (23rd March). We had 9 club members, 3 trail running students, and 12 Big Events volunteers from the student chapter of the Texas Trophy Hunters turn up on a cold Saturday morning at the lake. We all worked hard on rerouting sections of the West Loop so that we can get this side open again. There was some tough brush to clear and lots and lots of stumps to dig out, but the volunteers did an awesome job and we cut some long sections of new trail! There is still much that needs to be done though.


The West Loop is still closed for riding so please do not trespass on this side of the Lake!!

We are working on reopening this side of the lake but have to reroute several miles of trail before it is rideable. The trail is being rerouted so that it does not go on any section of the slope of the levee. This is going to take some time but we are working on it. We can always use some extra help on trail maintenance days! In the mean time please do not jeopardize our access to lake by riding the West Loop!! The good news is that the East Loop is open and the trails are riding really well:)

Meeting Minutes 1 April 2013


Jonathan L., Justin, Gina, Mike, Travis, Jonathan (new), David, James, Ali


  • The Big Event took place 2 weekends ago. We had 9 club members, 3 trail running students, and 12 Big Events students from the Texas Trophy Hunters work on rerouting the West Loop. A lot of new trail was cut but a lot remains to be done before the West Loop is open again.
  • Club members have been talking to developers from the Millican Reserve about the possibility of building a new trail system. Watch this space….
  • Recently JP, Travis, James, Kerry, and Chris went out to Cameron Park Waco to ride. They were guided by Waco locals Darwin and Randy and had a great ride.
  • The state of the club finances was discussed. The balance in the account has been declining at an unsustainable rate over recent years. A summary of the account balance and last year’s spending was given. Ways to reduce costs and get revenue were discussed. Options for increasing revenue that were considered included selling jerseys, or T-shirts and stickers. The cost of team jerseys was considered to be too high at $60-70 per unit. Justin will look into the cost of T-shirts and car stickers. The option of increasing membership dues to $30 for an individual and $30 to $45 for a family was also discussed. A vote on this issue will take place at next month’s meeting. Hosting a race at Lake Bryan in the fall was also considered.
  • Mike discussed the possibility of organizing a group course on CPR and first aid. More on details to follow.
  • This Saturday the 6th April we will have trail maintenance morning starting at 8am. We plan to work on moving sections of bridge to span some of the swamp crossing on the West Loop. This section is 40 yards long and eventually will need a much longer span of bridge to cover it. The West Loop is still closed for riding until it has been rerouted to avoid any sections on the slope of the levee.


2013 Chihuahuan Desert Bike Festival – short summary

The 3rd annaul Chihuahuan Desert Bike Festival has come and gone and did we have have a GREAT time this year.

A total of 13 BVMBA’ers made the long journey to the Maverick RV Park in Lajitas, Tx.  to set camp for the next 4 days of biking and fellowship.

Day 1 of the festival was the famous Ore Road ride out to the Hot springs on East side of the Chisos Mt.  We split in to two group (32 milers and 18 milers).  It didn’t matter which group you were in because the outcome was an AWESOME day of riding.  Back at camp we all gather for dinner and conversation about the day and somewhat get organized for day two.

Day 2 started a little colder and windier than we all anticipated but quickly warmed up as Collin and Dana were kind enought to make pancakes and sausage links for the group.  We still haven’t quite decided how to repay them back for that treat. Put we’ll start with a THANK YOU!!

After  breakfast several members of our group decided to rent demo bikes from Specialized.  Boy did they get spoiled on the Lajitas trail on this day.  Althouth we broke up into smaller groups we had another GREAT day on the trails.

Day 3 was EPIC day.  The majority of the group had the chance to ride all or part of what were the best trails of the trip (in my opinion).  After another long day on the bike we all got ready to hit the Starlite Theatre for dinner.

Day 4  was the end of the trip.  Time to break camp, pack the vehicles and get back home.

Short slideshow video of our trip.


Gina, Josh (New), Michael (New), Jessica (New), James M., Collin C., Justin F., Mike R., JP, Travis P., Joel R., John F., Boone F., Garbriel Hernadez (New), Martha M (from TAMU), Jonathan

It was great to see some new faces at this month meeting, welcome to BVMA!


Congratulations to Mike and Joel who competed in the Miles of Discomfort race a couple of weeks ago. Mike came 4th. Overall for the TMBRA Marathon Series Mike came 2nd and Joel came 5th in the 40-49 age group. Very impressive!

Several club members competed at the Dirty Dozen race at Warda last weekend (2nd Feb). Boone competed in the Aggieland Procycling Race team and they won the open 3-4 person open category. Victor, JP, and John competed in the highly competitive masters 3-4 person category and came 4th out of 13 teams. James, Justin, and Collin also competed in this category and came 10th out of 13. Travis and Jonathan competed in the 2 man open category and came 4th out of 6 teams. And last but certainly not least Kim and Ali volunteered recording laps for the solo riders for over 12 hours. Some solid performances but above all we had a great time on a beautiful day!

Team Jerseys

Several people expressed interest in a new run of re-designed BVMBA jerseys. John Flynn kindly offered for What’s the Buzz Coffee to provide some sponsorship to offset the cost of the jerseys. All we need now is a new design….

Trail Maintenance

Great news! BTU have indicated that the West Side of the lake may be open in March. However, it is important to stress until then the West Loop is strictly off limits. Getting this trail into a useable state will take a lot of work (maybe a good Big Event project).

The work list for this week’s trail maintenance session is finishing off painting the signs, removing a fallen tree limb on Loop-de-Loop, and rough cutting the Octopus. As usual we will meet the Saturday following the club meeting (9th Feb) at 8am in the Ice House parking lot.


Martha Muckleroy who runs the TAMU mountain biking classes kindly came to present a proposal for new metal signs at the lake. These would be provided by CC Creations at a cost of $500 and would include trail names and arrows to make it easier for people to navigate the trail system. TAMU and possibly the Ice House management would contribute to the cost. There was considerable discussion regarding the best way to provide signage and concern was raised over having several different styles of signs at the lake. In the end there was a consensus that more signs are needed, these should be put up as soon as possible, the existing trail section signs should be left in place, and the new signs should use the same color scheme as the existing ones. The committee will look into options for funding this project.

Time trial

There will be no time trial for the week of Valentine’s Day as many club members will be riding at the Lajitas Desert Fest! After this the time trial will start at the later time of 7pm.

Lajitas Desert Fest

12 club members are signed up to ride in Lajitas next week! This will be a record turn out! If you have not signed up and want to ride, then it may not be too late. Get registered for it and camping on-line then check the list-serve for Joel’s master plan for the trip!

Dirty Dozen 2013 Race Report, Jonathan’s Version! :)

Several club members competed at the Dirty Dozen race at Bluff Creek Ranch, Warda last weekend (2nd Feb). This is a 12-hour race at Bluff Creek Ranch Warda where riders or teams of riders complete as many laps as they can in 12 hours. No BVMBAers were mad enough to race the event solo this time! but BVMBA did have a great showing and entered 3 teams.

Travis, JP, James, and Victor arrived on Friday afternoon and chose what only can be described as a prime camping spot near a pond in the woods, very close to the course, but still close to the start and finish line. Collin, the Flynn brothers, and I arrived at 7am on Saturday morning and joined up with the happy campers who were enjoying a hearty breakfast. John made everyone’s day by sharing some What’s the Buzz Coffee with us. We then went to the race meeting and made some final adjustments to our bikes.

James, Justin, and Colin competed, as the BVMBA Crank Monkeys in the 3-4 person masters category. John, JP, and Victor racing as team Are we there yet? Are we there yet? also competed in this category. Travis and I competed in the 2 person open category as team Foci. Boon was riding with the guys from the Aggieland Procycling Race Team in the 3-4 person open category.

The race started with a Le Mans start where the first riders on each team had to run several hundred meters to their bikes. Happily Travis agreed to do this! The start gun went off and the riders sprinted (or waddled in their cycling shoes) to their bikes, mounted up, and then disappeared into the woods in a cloud of dust. The rest of us went back to the campsite and ingested some more calories while we waited for our teammates to complete their first lap. The camping spot was great as we could watch the riders go past. All our teams got off to flying starts. All too quickly it was my turn to ride! Part way through my first lap I was surprised but happy to come round a sharp corner and see the familiar face of Joel; he was taking race photos for Bobcat 13 Photography. Kim and Ali were also there doing a 13-hour shift as volunteers keeping track of the solo racers! Travis and I used a two-lap strategy and my first two laps went pretty smoothly (if a little slowly).

Unfortunately, Travis snapped his chain on his second lap (he must he been pedaling much harder that I was) but fixed it and went on to complete his two laps. Meanwhile I went back to camp and hung out with the others. My rest time went by surprisingly quickly and before I knew I was back on my bike again. My next two laps were a bit harder than the first two but I made it back in. Travis then had another mechanical failure when his rear derailleur cable snapped. He finished his lap in single speed mode and I was back on the bike again. During this lap my freshly devoured salami sandwich was sitting heavily on my stomach and threatening to make reappearance with every hill. Luckily my lower esophageal withstood the onslaught of partially digested food, Gatorade, and gastric acid and I finished my lap with my lunch in my stomach.

Meanwhile Victor wrecked on his 3rd lap (serves him right for riding so damn fast!) and unfortunately injured his knee. He finished the lap and had to be forced to stop riding by his teammates to prevent serious injury! So John and JP took over and continued to ride strongly. Justin riding for the Crank Monkeys aggravated a knee injury and was forced to pull out leaving James and Collin to finish up.

The sun had set by the time I finished my last couple of laps. It was great at first as it was cooler and my legs felt okay. However, by the second lap fatigue and the low light levels were taking their toll, I could barely ride in a straight line and the course was kicking my ass. On more than one occasion that lap I did a trick known as low speed full turtle roll and embarrassingly each time it took several minutes for me to right myself get and back on my bike. I was delighted to make it back to the start/finish line leaving Travis to take over. I have to admit at this point I gave up and started to gorge myself on pita chip, hummus, and full-fat Coke. By the time Travis made it back in my bike was in my car and I was happily in a food coma back at the campsite. Travis probably had another lap in him but his rear derailleur was constantly ghost-shifting so team Foci called it quits.

In the absence of Victor, John and JP switched to a two-lap strategy. On the last lap JP narrowly lost a sprint finish to a competing rider. To be fair JP did not know they were on the same number of laps and the other rider did. James must have been in the zone because a red mist came down over his eyes and he was riding like a machine. Collin and Justin had to physically stop him from riding laps even though the race was over; otherwise I think he would still have been out there!

The final results were as follows. Boone competed and the Aggieland Procycling Race team won the open 3-4 person open category with 21 laps. Victor, JP, and John competed came 4th out of 13 teams with 19 laps and just missed out on 3rd place in the highly competitive masters category. James, Justin, and Collin also competed in this category and came a very respectable 10th out of 13 teams with 16 laps. Travis and I came 4th out of 6 teams in the 2 person open division with 14 laps.

Some solid performances from the BVMBAers but above all we had an awesome time with some great company on a beautiful Texas day! Its funny my memory of the pain and fatigue is rapidly fading and I am already planning for the 2014 Dirty Dozen (I may even do some training next time)!