August Trail Maintenance

Thanks everyone who came out today: James, Mike, Ali, Jonathan, Kim, Chris and Kerry. We covered a lot of ground breaking up into 3 small groups and trimming, trimming, trimming. Game trail, Sunset strip and skinny dip were all tackled with a bit of mowing (scissoring?) done and some serious tree trimming. This week’s time trial times should be faster than ever!

Enjoy the trails everyone, we’ll see you soon!

Donuts fueled this morning's maintenance - this is what is left after Mikey takes his turn. He is president, he is allowed.


Note: the donuts are given a seat in the air conditioning, but Chris, Kerry and Jonathan are not.... priorities people!

Good work, Ali!

Sunset Strip = clear and fast again!

Trail ninjas!

Ali and Kim enjoy a post-work nap... while Kerry keeps her eyes peeled for the boys ....

Where are the boys anyway??

Finally! 😉

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